Revolutionary Platform Exvisa Safely Digitizes Human Passports and Visas for Streamlined Security

Exvisa was created and developed by CEO Mr. Tolga Akcay, a high-level senior management consultant and strategist.

Düsseldorf, Germany – Mr. Tolga Akcay is pleased to announce the upcoming launch of his revolutionary platform, Exvisa, which will safely and accurately digitize human passports and visas for streamlined security.

Exvisa is a digital platform that will streamline the entire process of immigration, emigration, and relocation through the digital storing of passports and visas. The platform boasts unparalleled security measures that will curb any illegal infiltration, and will help countries and companies to make targeted selections on people or candidates, according to region and need.

“I developed the idea for Exvisa because I felt there was a dire need to redefine how we think of travel and boundaries,” says CEO and founder, Mr. Tolga Akcay.  “Digitization is clearly the wave of the future and with the ever-growing sophistication of intelligent cryptic data-storage, plus the ease of access the Internet can provide, it only makes sense to keep track of our lives online.  Maintaining personal records online is also significantly safer than keeping physical documents.”

One of Exvisa’s main benefits is to provide countries with a huge step in preventing illegal immigration via fraudulent travel documents.  The intelligent system will enable authorities to effectively control any relocation, emigration, or immigration, using a series of well-defined and intuitive parameters.

In addition to preventing illegal immigration, Exvisa is highly beneficial for companies who require targeted hiring selections based on their needs.  “For example,” says Mr. Akcay, Germany is currently suffering an acute shortage of skilled nurses.  Exvisa can work with specialized staff from other countries to cover this shortage.”

To ensure ultimate safety, Exvisa has taken all of the necessary steps to ensure any sensitive information is encrypted into a transparent blockchain, which is considered to be a hacker-proof method of storing important data by high-risk firms across the globe.   Exvisa uses an AI algorithm that decrypts the checksums of passports and checks the combination of passport data.  This state-of-the-art algorithm recognizes not only the nationality, but also the type of passport based on the number combinations.  Errors during visa application processes are automatically recognized.

Successful negotiations between Exvisa and Clearview, an AI facial recognition app, have already taken place to discuss potential future partnerships.

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About Tolga Akcay and AKCAY HOLDING

Mr. Akcay is the founder and CEO of AKCAY HOLDING, a company which brings humanity together through investing in startups and entrepreneurs.  Mr. Akcay is a true visionary, with a mission of improving the quality of life for everyone across the globe.

Mr. Akcay is a self-made man, which stands as a testament to his integrity, ambition, and ability to motivate those around him.  In 2015, he publicly predicted the upward trend of cryptocurrencies, cannabis, and the blockchain technology.  Mr. Akcay is confident Exvisa is the next big technological trend and he is ready to take on this challenge.

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