Launches a Variety of Energy Efficient Sheer Curtains Launches a Variety of Energy Efficient Sheer Curtains

Warwick, RI – If you’re planning to update your window sheers, this may be an excellent opportunity. Why not consider a true semi-sheer curtain that not only gives an elegant and stylish look to your house’s windows, but also creates the optimal balance of light and privacy all while protecting the climate inside your home. SmartSheer is proud to announce its new energy-efficient sheer curtains, a new and more advanced concept of traditional sheer curtains. These sheers are crafted by SmartSheer’s patented thermoregulating fabric, a fabric that drapes more beautifully than a standard window sheer but also helps reduce energy costs.

“Until now, window sheers served the purpose of filtering natural light into a room and providing only a minimal amount of privacy, but SmartSheer curtains go beyond that. We invented a material that not only meets those basic needs, but also helps homeowners to save money by regulating more heat and cold than a standard window sheer while reflecting more UV rays that fade your furniture and flooring. Lastly, SmartSheer curtains simply improve indoor privacy as well,” said the spokesperson for SmartSheer, regarding their cost-effective product.

While the function of other curtains is merely decorative, SmartSheer and its advanced patented fabric allow homeowners to save up to $10.00 a year per window in-home energy costs. SmartSheer’s fabric technology combines the beauty and privacy of sheer window panels with thermoregulating properties to reduce home energy costs, increase privacy, and filter the perfect amount of natural sunlight. Each sheer is professionally designed with high-quality material and state-of-the-art technology, which allows their expert engineers to design premier products in terms of quality and aesthetics.

Unlike conventional sheers, SmartSheer’s denier is 25% larger than most standard sheers, which means that its yarn is thicker. This translates to superior levels of privacy. The weave of SmartSheer patented fabric uses 50% more material than a standard sheer. This makes a more dense weave that improves both heat and cold regulation while increasing its reflectance of UV light. In other words, the high weave density and increased denier size will naturally shrink the pore size of the fabric weave, which means less sunlight transference and improved temperature regulation.

“I was searching for a white sheer curtain and found SmartSheer on Facebook. This semi-sheer curtain checks all the boxes. I get more privacy than a standard sheer. The room has a nice glow from natural light and the thermoregulating fabric works exactly as described. Highly recommended!” said a satisfied client, regarding her experience buying energy-efficient sheer curtains from SmartSheer. 

At, visitors can find a wide variety of insulating window sheers in different styles, sizes, and colors. The SmartSheer Solid Insulating Sheers are available in white, ivory, spa blue, and taupe and four sizes (63”L X 59”W) (84”L X 59”W ) (95”L X 59”W) (108”L X 59”W). The SmartSheer Crushed Insulating Sheers are available in two colors, ivory and white, and four sizes  (63”L X 52”W) (84”L X 52”W ) (95”L X 52”W) (108”L X 52”W). The SmartSheer Burnout Insulating Sheers are available in natural burnout color and two sizes (63”L X 54”W) (84”L X 54”W ). Lastly, the SmartSheer Linen Insulating Sheers are available in gray and white and four standard sizes (63”L X 54”W) (84”L X 54”W ) (95”L X 54”W) (108”L X 54”W).

SmartSheer is headquartered at 501 Centerville Road Suite 203, Warwick, RI 02886. For energy saving curtains from SmartSheer, contact their team via email at For additional information regarding their revolutionary product or to place an order, visit their website.

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