Comfort Specialist Heating and Air Announces Maintenance Plans to Help Homeowners Defray Costs

Comfort Specialist Heating and Air Announces Maintenance Plans to Help Homeowners Defray Costs

Cain Fralix of Comfort Specialist Heating and Air
Southern Tennessee/Northern Alabama based service company Comfort Specialist Heating and Air announces a new maintenance program for area homeowners.

By Zoey Thompson

ARDMORE, TN – Comfort Specialist Heating and Air now offers “Comfort Membership plans” for area homeowners. The company believes that being able to provide maintenance plans will not only help homeowners defray heating and cooling costs, but save on costly issues that can lead to system replacement. As owner Cain Fralix explains, HVAC systems need maintenance like any other system. Most people couldn’t imagine never changing the oil in a car or truck because they understand where that leads. HVAC systems are electromechanical systems with many working parts that need adjustment, cleaning, and the occasional new part. Those who do not perform maintenance on their systems will see a shorter life expectancy of the system, higher utility bills, decreased comfort, higher humidity in the home, and low air quality. 

“LSU performed a study on HVAC systems, tracking data from several different HVAC contractors on routine service checks. The study had over 100 different HVAC systems and a 38 point checklist each contractor had to fill out,” says Fralix. “The checklist included getting amp draws, refrigerant pressures, etc. Then they had the same 100 HVAC systems cleaned and a proper maintenance performed on them. Then the same 38 point checklist performed again afterwards. What they found was mind blowing. On average, the amp draws were reduced by 28%. The entire system was performing 28% more efficiently. Having a proper maintenance performed will pay for itself in utility costs.” 

He further explains that on average proper maintenance can save a homeowner $300-$500 per year on utility costs. These figures were taken into consideration when developing their seasonal Comfort Plans so that the company can save homeowners money and relieve them of the stress of having high energy costs or large repair bills.

“Money is important to everyone and we recognize that when creating our service packages,” he says. “But there is also the issue of air quality and health. With regular service you can avoid gas leaks, mold, mildew and create a home that feels better and smells nicer.”

Many chronic health issues can be tied to air quality in the home or office — something that often goes overlooked because poor circulation and/or molds are not visible, noticeable things. Fralix encourages people to give them a call to ask about the plans, promising not only to help them reduce energy bills but also improve their overall health through winter.

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