Homebass Brings Talent and Performance to Calgary

In a short time, he connected with various talented rappers in the entertainment scene while continuing his work in the oil and gas industry.

January 27, 2020 – Upon arrival in 2013, Homebass built an incredible network base in the Hip Hop music community in Calgary. In a short time, he connected with various talented rappers in the entertainment scene while continuing his work in the oil and gas industry. 

Homebass was even grinding part-time with FME Entertainment as a bouncer in one of Calgary’s best electronic club. Shortly after, management moved him into the exotic scene where he could share his unique Hip Hop flow in 3 Calgary Clubs.

Homebass Hip Hop Roots

He was trained by the infamous Dizzy D (Dele Adereti) who took off to go to film school in Vancouver. Dizzy has since been one of Homebass biggest Hip-Hop influences next to Yung Dre. Homebass describes Dizzy as one of the smoothest vibes on the mic because of course when you MC, you pretty much got to be a natural. Dizzy taught Homebass to have a natural flow and how to emphasize things to make them more appealing.

Yung Dre and Homebass met on the grind, they connected in a room full of 75 people orientating for a job in Calgary. Homebass says it was actually funny because they didn’t talk at first and they kind of held a grudge against each other because they were the only 2 good English-speaking people in the room. Everyone wanted to talk to them but once the conversation on Hip Hop Music was started, they became true homies pretty fast.

First Homebass Hip Hop Video

Yung Dre brought on Homebass on his team “Write From Skratch” in 2016. It is then that they dropped their first Hip Hop video “Girl You A Freak”.  This Hip Hop music video was shot at one of the exotic club in Calgary Homebass was working at. The hype this record caused in the Calgary clubs had dancers replaying the song 3-4 times a night. 

Homebass says: “When I had to MC on a busy night and a girl would come request our song, it would only play for 30 secs untill the next girl would come to to my booth trying to tell me I shouldn’t have played that record cuz she had it in her dance set”. 

Big Shows at Calgary Cowboys Music Festival

In 2017, Yung Dre brought Homebass and his team along to open for Big Sean and Fetty Wap July 16th, 2017 at Cowboys Music Festival in Calgary. This collaboration built a solid relationship and new connections. This sold-out Hip-Hop show was killed by the team who left the stage to a roaring number of new fans. Homebass says: “I had people coming up to me I didn’t even know and I felt violated by all those people touching me and trying to grab me. Security had to take us and put us in the upper stage VIP area until things calmed down.”

In 2018 Yung Dre brought Homebass and the team out to perform alongside of Fetty Wap again September 4th at Cowboys Dance Hall. Fetty brought along Peter Jackson and Nue. After the show, the “Write From Skratch” team was hanging out with Peter Jackson and his boys, Homebass and Peter Jackson connected and released the Hip Hop Single “Who Got The Rock”. Working with Peter Jackson has been an honor since he has mad flow and he is kind of the Godfather of the Canadian rap scene. 

In 2019 Yung Dre brought Homebass and the team to perform alongside Juice Wrld July 18th at Cowboys Music Festival. Yet again another sold-out show and another hype set. This time, VIP service was arranged prior to the show and the team managed to exceed the capacity of the stage booth by more than 50 people.

What’s to Come for Homebass Hip Hop Career 

Homebass has been silently working with various artists across Canada in the US and International, he stays versatile because of his unique way to deliver quality sound and his smooth flow. His new Hip Hop album is in the works and he claims 80% of his content is unreleased. It’s only a matter of time before he strikes again!

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