Treasure Stock: Find precious metals in Stock symbol: (OTC: BLIS) a Treasure & Shipwreck Recovery Company Engaged in Exploration and Salvage of Valuable Marine Artifacts Using Detailed Data Acquisition

BLIS is Currently Engaged in Active Search and Recover Operations Pending Claim for Suspected 17th Century Shipwreck Site off FL Coast. Operating Under World-Renowned Marine Historian Dr. E. Lee Spence, BLIS Plans to Expand Into Media Projects and Other Commercial Projects

Treasure & Shipwreck Recovery, Inc. (OTC: BLIS) conducts shipwreck and treasure recovery operations from shallow shipwreck finds in the Caribbean and North America. The BLIS business plan uses exploration, survey and recovery techniques with innovative methods and technology to provide access to potential high value wreck site and artifact areas. With its own and partnered vessels, BLIS operates under the supervision of world-renowned marine historian and archaeologist, Dr. E. Lee Spence. BLIS also intends to expand into media projects for other matters in games, television and sales of artifacts using web development methods and expertise.

BLIS has entered into a purchase agreement for data and coordinates from shipwreck scans and technical mapping covering up to 60-mile-long areas off the east coast of Florida. The scans and data represent years of work in an area with hundreds of known wrecks, many being historical and unexplored.

Recovery from Suspected 17th Century Shipwreck with Claim Filed   

On December 13th BLIS announced a recovery of artifacts from its initial dives on the previous scanned areas, including a suspected 17th century shipwreck. Among items recovered was a cannon from the period and an anchor. With other research complete, the geographic parameters of the area to be claimed in a U.S. Court Admiralty have now been established. Pending a successful claim, BLIS will be in control as a salver, and can reduce the wreck and cargo to its possession in the court.

Objectives for the First Part of 2020 Laid Out

On January 2nd BLIS management updated shareholders and the public regarding its plans in the use of its acquired vessels, equipment, contracted crews and numerous target sites. BLIS also announces that it has completed the purchase of a major bulk of diving and recovery equipment to conduct its operations. Currently we have numerous projects and agreements that will be announced in the near future, including board members and management. We intend to become the largest sunken treasure recovery company in the world.  While our primary focus will be on ancient cargo wrecks (prior to 1800 wrecks), such as galleons transporting gold, silver and jewels from the new world to Europe, we also will target proven and claimed areas for more modern 19th century wrecks that can contain very valuable and unique cargoes, including rare intricate artifacts, jewelry, furnishings, arms, coinage, and other items

BLIS has also taken on new expert consultants, including those for training and contractors on new scanning procedures and equipment. BLIS is presently purchasing state-of-the-art magnetometers for outfitting its vessel the R/V Bellows for large- and precise-scale surveying operations, both off Florida and in other areas of the Caribbean.

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