How Effective Is Car Window Tinting and Is it Worth It?

How Effective Is Car Window Tinting and Is it Worth It?

You may have clicked on this title because you are thinking for upgrade your car’s appearance as well as its performance. Well, you are on the right page, because we have brought you an article that will fully cover the topic of whether it is worth it for you.

We will be learning about the benefits of car window tinting, different types of tints available for your vehicle’s window and, look at the best car window tint along with its features. So, let us quickly dive into the article and begin at once.

So, if you don’t know exactly what car window tinting is, it is basically a process where a transparent sheet of film is put onto the window of your vehicle. The whole idea is to reduce the harmful rays from the sun and also to minimize the heat inside the vehicle. However, many drivers use it to make the vehicle look cooler.

There are different types of tints available on the market. Today, a new vehicle is sold with a number of car options, which includes – already installed window tint. However, tinting is available in the aftermarket option too, so you can pick your favorite shade or type and get it professionally installed.

So, if you are thinking about getting a window tint on your vehicle, you probably know all the benefits, right? Don’t worry if you don’t, because we have covered that part for you in the next paragraph.

Benefits of Window Tinting

#1. Reduce the heat

In hot climate and summers, the interior of your vehicle can get really hot. To maintain the temperature and keep the car cool, window tinting plays a very crucial role.

#2. Help in glass protection

You may not know, but window tinting is more than just protection from outer heat. The window tint film features one side an adhesive layer (sticky layer) that hugs the car’s window and prevents it from shattering.

#3. Block UV rays

One of the most important and crucial things that you want to do with your vehicle is – get a window tint film installed because it helps to protect you from the harmful ultraviolet radiation coming from the sun. Ignoring can cause skin cancer and various other skin diseases.

#4. Reduces Glare

Car window tint acts like sunglasses, it helps to reduce eye fatigue and is particularly very crucial if you are planning for long ride on a bright sunny day.

#5. Privacy and Security

Applying window tint film on your car will not allow outsiders to peek into your car, plus if you have valuable items that you want to hide or do not want to grab people’s attention, window tint is really helpful in such events.

There you go, five benefits that you can enjoy by simply applying one window tint on your vehicle. But, how do you choose which one is more favorable particularly for your or your passenger? Well, here below are the different types of car window tints that you can take advantage from.

There are 5 main window tints available for installation – metalized tint, dyed window tint, hybrid window tint, carbon tinting and ceramic tinting. Let us look each of them in detail:

1: Metalized window tint


  • Involves several layers (metalized film)
  • Reflects heat by – 40%
  • Metal particles give extra resistance that helps to prevent the window from shattering.
  • It is highly durable—the metal particles do not fade over time.
  • The small downside – it has a tendency to interfere with electronic signals such as – GPS transmission, phone signals, and radio reception.

2: Dyed window tint


  • There is a layer of dye between – adhesive layer & polyester top coating.
  • Absorbs heat up to 50% of sunlight.
  • The dyed window tint film is non-reflective, block glares and provide a resistant hard coating.
  • It does not interfere with any electronic signals.
  • It may deteriorate at high temperatures.
  • It can provide more amount of UV and heat protection. Currently it does not.

3: Hybrid window tinting


  • The film is the combination of metalized film and dyed film – in between the adhesive layer and coat layer.
  • It provides long-lasting durability and incredible UV blocking qualities.
  • It is less expensive than metalized window tint.
  • Does not interfere with electronic signals.
  • The film is not too mirror-like or too dark or – it gives a more natural shaded look.
  • The only downside – it is more expensive than dyes window tint.

4: Carbon tinting film


  • It gives an authentic black appearance and is usually darker than other window film.
  • It blocks the heat from sun up to 40%.
  • Carbon tint film does not fade over time.
  • You don’t have to worry about electronic signals, you can access to radio frequencies and hear five-by-five.
  • The downside of carbon window tint is – it is very expensive. But a good option to invest and keep your vehicle protected for lifelong.

5: Ceramic window tint


  • Provides 99% UV protection
  • Reduces strong bright light and heat up to 50%.
  • It does not fade away with time.
  • Ceramic window tint allows electric signal through.
  • It is not too much reflective.
  • The downside – expensive and does not provide too much privacy

There you go – five main types of window tint that offers almost every benefit that we discussed earlier. Now, it is time to look at the three best window tints:

Final Words

Before you put your foot to the pedal, let us not ignore the fact that heat, UV rays and theft is very common in today’s time period. So, if you own a vehicle and want some safety for yourself and your passengers, applying window tint on your windows is how you are going to stay safe from these problem because this technology is very effective and highly recommended too. Hope you find the article helpful by the Car Detailing Sydney experts as we offer our wealth of knowledge to the common concerns presented by many of our customers.

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