‘Grand Theft Auto Girls’ Set to Debut on Lifetime Movie Network and VOD

\'Grand Theft Auto Girls\' Set to Debut on Lifetime Movie Network and VOD
Johnson Production Group’s “Grand Theft Auto Girls” Set to Debut on Lifetime Movie Network and VOD on January 30th 8pm/7c

US – 28 January, 2020 – GRAND THEFT AUTO GIRLS will Premiere on the Lifetime Movie Network on Thursday January 30 at 8pm/7c and will also be available on Comcast Xfinity, Apple iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, Vudu, GooglePlay, YouTube, Microsoft XBox, and FandangoNow.

SYNOPSIS: Teenagers Emily and Max discover how easy it is to make extra cash by hot wiring cars and delivering them to a chop shop. Soon Emily has money for car parts to fix up her vintage car and Max has money for clothes. When their shop teacher discovers what they’re up to and shows them how to amp it up to a more sophisticated and profitable level using the ‘relay station attack’, things get a lot more dangerous. When Emily’s boyfriend, Dylan, is questioned by police, the girls decide it’s time to stop… but is it too late?

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Emily Wheeler and her best friend Maxine “Max” Song hotwire a Porsche 911 Turbo and take it for a joyride. When they blow through a speed trap, a cop gives chase, forcing them to evade him and abandon the car.

Max gets off on the adrenaline rush, but Emily is freaked out by the near miss. She doesn’t even have her driver’s license yet because her mom is paranoid she’ll die in a crash just like her racecar driver father. At home, Emily is restoring her dad’s vintage car, something dad always promised her they would do together. But it’s a slow process, as her barista job doesn’t provide enough money for the parts she needs. Shop is the only course at school that Emily actually likes, although she doesn’t get along all that well with her teacher, Lincoln Curnow, who resents the fact that she’s a better mechanic than him. Emily has a crush on Dylan Felt, a longhaired rebel who recently got out of juvie for auto theft. When Curnow leaves the room, they have a competition to see who can hotwire a car the fastest. Emily wins and a classmate captures the whole thing on video. Dylan congratulates her and sparks fly between them.

After school, Emily gets Max to drive her to an auto repair garage looking for parts for her dad’s car. Emily finds a part she needs and sees that the VIN number has been removed, indicating the part was stolen. She realizes Nestor’s garage must be a chop shop. This sounds like a golden opportunity to Max, who suggests they go back and make a deal with him to bring him stolen cars. Emily isn’t so sure, but Max argues what’s the worst that can happen? We’re underage; if they catch us, we’ll just have to spend a bit of time in juvie like Dylan – big deal.

After proving Emily’s hotwiring skills to Nestor, Emily and Max embark on their new venture. The money starts flowing in as Max buys clothes and Emily buys car parts. At the same time, Emily and Dylan grow closer, and the two start dating but he warns her to get out of the car theft game as it will ruin her life. When shop teacher Curnow, discovers their secret, he wants in and to kick it up to a new level. He introduces them to a car theft tactic called the “relay station attack” that uses radio-frequency identification to bypass the security system in new cars. The girls start using this method to steal the latest luxury rides, taking turns wearing disguises so that they can get close to their marks without being identified. Emily is nervous, but this is right up Max’s alley, Soon the girls are pulling in twice as much money as they were before… but Curnow takes the lion’s share of the profit for himself.

One morning, the police pull Dylan out of class as they are investigating a sophisticated stolen car ring in the area that’s using high school girls as decoys, and she thinks former thief Dylan might know something about it. Dylan feigns ignorance but reiterates to the girls that they need to get out before it’s too late, and this time Emily is forced to agree. Meanwhile as Emily’s mom, Gail starts investigating for herself, Cunow captures her and plans to kill both her and the girls to cover his tracks. A police roadblock forces Emily and Max to abandon their last stolen Lamborghini but Nestor isn’t so lucky and is taken into custody.

Emily and Max sneak through a suburban neighborhood on foot, evading the searching police. Just as they are about to be caught, Dylan shows up and creates a distraction that gives Emily and Max time to hotwire Tally’s police car and escape. Curnow sees a news report about the police chase, and recognizes the now-impounded Lamborghini. Gail manages to get to a phone and call Emily, urging her to tell the police everything. But Curnow gets the drop on her and ends the call. Emily and Max race back to Curnow’s farm just in time to see him and Gail leaving in Curnow’s car. In an echo of the opening scene, Emily and Max pretend to be cops, turning on their stolen police cruiser’s lights and siren to get him to pull over. The deception works, and Curnow stops at the side of the road, warning Gail that if she gives him away, she’ll die. He quickly realizes it’s Emily and Max, and pulls a gun to deal with them, but before he can, Gail manages to disarm him. Brandishing the gun, she tells him to leave her family alone.

Curnow tries to flee the scene, but Detective Tally arrives and arrests him. Three months later, Emily and Gail put the finishing touches on her dad’s car. We learn that Emily and Max were able to make a deal with the police in exchange for testifying against Curnow and Nestor, who are now both doing time. Emily and Dylan are still dating, and Emily wants to take him for a spin in her car now that she finally has her license. Gail warns her daughter to take it slow, but Emily’s got too much of her dad in her. She puts the pedal to the metal and peels out.

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