Prego Pizzeria today announced its new gluten-free pizza crust – This will provide customers with more options to enjoy their delicious pizza

Prego Pizzeria today announced its new gluten-free pizza crust - This will provide customers with more options to enjoy their delicious pizza

Prego Pizzeria is the Best Pizza Delivery in Encino
Prego Pizzeria today announced its new gluten-free pizza crust. This will provide their customers with more options to enjoy their delicious pizza.

Encino, CA – The pizza world listened when gluten-free dieters demanded more food options. And because we can’t imagine a life without pizza either, at Preggo Pizza, we spent hours and hours developing the perfect gluten-free pizza crust. But, it is not just because we care for our gluten-sensitive customers. It’s because, in fact, gluten-free pizza crust is beneficial for you. Even if you don’t have a gluten sensitivity, our gluten-free pizza crust is a healthier option for those trying to keep a healthy lifestyle. We’re not talking about calories or diet pizza, but about flavor and health benefits, so keep scrolling to find out why we think gluten-free pizza is great for you.

Gluten-free flours made from ingredients like quinoa, almonds, and beans offer nutritional benefits (such as protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals), and are certainly smarter choices than the refined white flour found in many commercial baked goods, which lacks those nutrients.


This is what gluten-free does to your body:

Gives you more energy: Following a gluten-free diet can help lower cholesterol levels and improve your digestions. This means you will feel more awake instead of sleepy.

Prevents bloating: It can help bring down the bloating most of us experience when eating gluten. So, if you’re on a first date and want to give a good first impression, definitely order the gluten-free pizza crust.

Keeps insulin controlled: You’ve probably heard your elder family talking about sodas, fried foods, and insulin levels. Now, you can tell them you ordered gluten-free pizza which can actually reduce insulin spikes.

Lowers illness risks: Although gluten-free pizza won’t turn you into a superhero, it can help lower your risk of heart disease, reduce cancer risks, and help you avoid viruses. This is because gluten-free food options are often packed with antioxidants that act as your body’s armor.

Here’s another thing to consider when ordering gluten-free pizza crusts. While the pizza crust might be gluten-free, your toppings selections might not. For starters mozzarella cheese is gluten free, so you don’t have to worry about that.

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Here’s a list of gluten-free pizza toppings you could choose from:



Italian sausage



Black olives



Green peppers




Hot peppers

“If you’re looking good pizza this place is solid. The customer service here is second to none. I love pizza but gluten doesn’t agree with me, that is why I love Prego Pizza! They have a gluten-free crust option that I absolutely love!! They also have a vegan cheese that’s actually pretty good. I’ve tried their salads too and they are quite good. They gave good prices too…” – said Danna K. In a google review.

Some of the benefits of a gluten-free diet include:

• It improves cholesterol levels.

• Promotes digestive health.

• Increases energy levels.

Our new gluten-free crust will be available starting today! 

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About Prego Pizzeria:

They deliver delicious pizzas straight to your door. Made with fresh and high-quality ingredients that will make your taste buds crave for more, Prego Pizzeria is the way to go.

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