How LY Private Investigators in Kenya Assist in Solving Criminal Practices

In a majority of cases of fraud or embezzlement, due to lack of means, the police in Kenya cannot carry out the investigation without some evidence, and the business manager has other cats to whip than play cobra squad apprentices.

No law prohibits entrusting this work of “pre-investigation” to a private detective, like LY Detectives Agency Kenya: “My client, an SME of 30 employees in publishing, noted at each inventory the disappearance of hundreds of comics.

LY undercover investigators infiltrated for three weeks in the delivery preparation department and discovered that, every evening, employees left with a dozen comics hidden under their jackets. “Thanks to their spinning, the detectives spotted the network of shops and small markets which sold books, and a flagrant crime was organized with the local police!

The cases of counterfeiting, even of small scale, require a long time of investigation and the intervention of a private detective can prove decisive.

An SME specializing in the manufacture of medical equipment called on LY Detectives, because an unscrupulous company was flooding hospitals in Nairobi and Kiambu with counterfeit surgical tweezers: “I was able to go back up the crooks’ chain to Kilimani and even managed to acquire from a cardboard carelessly placed in the hall of the fraudulent company a sample of the false pliers! “

LY Private Investigators

Do some drops in turnover sometimes seem inexplicable?

Before investigation: “I was called to help by a chartered accountant whose thirty clients had suddenly decided not to renew their contract, as a result, 30,000 euros went up in smoke,” recalls Det. Yonah Lieta.

While spinning a collaborator of the cabinet, we realized that he worked in the evening, under the table, for the missing customers! “No legal risk either to put an investigator on the track of an ex-employee who you doubt that he respects its non-competition clause, as illustrated by the case mentioned by Peter Maru: “We have confused the former consultant of a Parisian consultancy which had settled in the inner suburbs? Perimeter prohibited by its clause? And not in Marseille as he announced when he left. “If we add to the price of the non-competition clause the risk of losing customers, the game is worth the effort.

In this type of business, it is common that, in order to protect their image or to avoid the hassle and costs of a lawsuit, companies prefer to go through an amicable arrangement. But the victim company can also apply to the magistrate, the criminal courts accept a detective report if it respects certain rules of form and background (nominative, detailed report, detailed and without animosity towards the parties). Will the judge give it the same value as a testimony, while remaining free to take it into account? or not. With time, the magistrates will welcome these reports more and more favorably.

Limiting situations

In certain situations, particularly in social matters, if the use of a detective is not strictly prohibited by law, the boundaries of legality are more porous.

Great care must be taken. If you suspect a salesperson of dragging his mkokotenis at Monrovia Street rather than at customers’ premises, or an employee on sick leave having become an ace in mushroom picking, nothing prevents you from asking LY detectives to confirm your suspicions.

But beware of the use you will make of the investigation report, even if it is overwhelming!

Indeed, if you sanction or dismiss the employee, legal suits are on your way…

For the majority of individuals, the rates of a private detective in Kenya always seem prohibitive. But litigants very often ignore the benefits they can draw from it, especially when the opposing party is ordered to reimburse him the costs of investigation.

When deciding to use the services of a private detective, there are two questions that come to mind:

  1. Will he be able to bring me the information I want?
  2. How much will it cost me?

It is to this last question that we will endeavor to answer, as objectively as possible.

During the first meeting with the private investigator, you will explain the situation for which you wish to obtain information and probably physical evidence.

Depending on the nature of the mission that you give him, the private detective will first determine its legitimacy and feasibility. If these first criteria are met, it will then assess the time and resources that must be devoted to its achievement.


In the case of a search for address, property information, real estate assets, sources of income, generally the LY private investigators will invoice according to a scale ranging from Ksh. 45,000 and will indicate the time necessary to collection of this information. The prices are also determined according to the place where the investigations take place (Nairobi-Runda, Kayole, Gigiri), Kisumu, Mombasa etc.) Private Investigations of this type carried out abroad are increased, and transport and accommodation costs must be added to it.


When the mission requires surveillance, the private investigator will offer you hourly or daily rates for short-term missions. The prices vary between Ksh.20,050 and Ksh. 50,324 per day depending on which area in that particular county. As a general rule, the minimum duration of such a mission is five hours.

If the configuration of the premises requires it (shopping center, station, airport, etc.), he may use more or a second agent. The rate for this second investigator is generally either reduced or in our case, no additional charge.

You will then be billed for each hour spent in the field and an hour corresponding to the time required to transport yourself from the agency to the surveillance location must be added.

Some agencies will apply a rate increase for hours worked at night or on weekends.


If the mission requires investigations over several days, sometimes several weeks, the LY private detectives will offer you a daily fee in order to reduce the costs. The daily fixed prices (vacations of 8 to 12 hours of surveillance) are generally invoiced between 400 and 800 € per agent depending on the geographic location.

These packages can be decreasing for long-term missions.

To these costs may be added the kilometric costs for the vehicles used during the performance of the mission.

Again, some investigation firms offer packages including trips within a specified radius with the client.

To these amounts, it will sometimes be necessary to add the disbursements inherent to air, sea or rail transport, the expenses linked to accommodation and catering.

All questions relating to the costs generated during the execution of the investigation should be discussed during the interview with the private investigator. In fact, the principal must be able to decide with complete transparency.


The last item of expenditure attached to the accomplishment of the investigation mission concerns the management of the file. Generally, this includes the drafting, layout and printing of the investigation report to which is annexed if necessary, a photographic album and / or a video medium.

Most private investigations agencies do not charge for the organized interview before starting the mission.


Do not hesitate to approach LY Private Investigators Kenya for any question relating to the rates they charge and have yourself explained why this or that expense is envisaged.

In order to optimize costs, it is important to bring all the information to the detective from the first interview. When he has these elements, he will be able to accurately assess the duration of the mission as well as the means necessary for its accomplishment.

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