New e-book by tech and marketing veteran unlocks the secrets of successful brand storytelling in modern digital times

“How to Tell a Story on Social Media in 2020” by IT and marketing veteran Ben Kemp shares expert knowledge on the nuances of creating perfect emotional brand story to attract target niche on social media.

Leidschendam, The Netherlands – Feb 03, 2020 – News for businesses struggling to target customers on social media. IT and marketing veteran Ben Kemp has recently launched his new e-book that reveals the nitty-gritty of successful brand storytelling that will enable businesses to touch target audience emotionally and convert them into potential clients in the modern digital times. Aptly titled “How to Tell a Story on Social Media in 2020”, the book stresses on the importance of incorporating a brand story into a business and shows the proven methods to tell the story with a result-driven approach. 

The book was officially launched on Amazon on January 24, 2020. 

“Social media is fast commanding a prominent place in the online shopping sphere today. The number of people making online purchases are more than ever before and the social media sites are often their first point of exposure to brands online. Thus, there is an urgent need for brands to develop a personal, empathetic and emotional digital storytelling content that will touch their target niche on social media and inspire them to know about their brand. But developing inspiring digital storytelling content calls for expert insights and this is where How to Tell a Story on Social Media in 2020 comes in”, stated Ben Kemp.

Kemp’s new book explores the significance of cohesive brands, the art of brand storytelling as well as the typical nuances required to capture the attention of target audience in the current digital space. To make the concepts more vivid to the readers, the book offers examples of storytelling ads that have actually worked. Not only that, the book also features examples of storytelling ads that didn’t work as well. 

“How to Tell a Story on Social Media in 2020 unfolds the secrets of creating an inspiring brand story that will be able to strike a chord with your target niche.  It shows you how to come up with that perfect emotional story around your brand that will help your ideal buyer to relate to it and eventually find the motivation to be your potential customer. Reaching into the hearts of your prospective niche makes all the difference between a sale and lost customer. And this book shows you how to rake up your sales figures by inspiring emotion about your brand in your target audience.”

The book concludes with expert insights on both the pros and cons of using social media as a vehicle to pitch one’s brand and how to utilize it at its best to create the perfect brand story.

About the author

An IT and marketing veteran, Ben Kemp is backed by 35 + of experience in the IT industry. He has donned various roles in IT organizations and has spent the last decade as a marketing and sales executive. Presently he runs his own business and is the Chief Editor of leading tech blog OnTechEdge. “How to Tell a Story on Social Media in 2020” is his first book. 

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