Introducing The World’s First Online Real Estate Map/Chat Portal for Buyers – Showcasing Buyers instead of Promoting only the Sellers like other property listing sites

Introducing The World’s First Online Real Estate Map/Chat Portal for Buyers - Showcasing Buyers instead of Promoting only the Sellers like other property listing sites
Realty Street Leads displays buyer leads based on street and neighborhood locations

Realty Street Leads is built upon a database of buyer leads that realtors upload themselves. This creates an interactive map that displays nearby home buyers within an area. It gives homeowners and other realtors complete control to find potential leads within any time span.

One of the most unique features the platform offers that others don’t is the ability to display buyer leads to homeowners based on neighborhood and street locations. This allows the homeowner and real estate agent to use the online map portal to find buyers in specific locations.

This game-changing component speeds up the entire process for realtors and homeowners, ultimately resulting in the homeowner selling faster and becoming a satisfied client. The latest innovation from Realty Street Leads help real estate investor increase close more deals and increase their revenue.

Chat live with leads to improve conversions

Realty Street Leads has implemented an AI Chat Bot/Chat Live system to allow realtors and homeowners to chat online and effortlessly keep in contact with leads for updates. Realtors now have that initial introduction with homeowners through a series of chat bot dialogues, customized at finding out what the homeowner needs are prior to live chat or initial phone call.

The reality is that door-to-door introductions, flyers/postcards and cold calling doesn’t work, yet some realtors still rely on these low-converting methods.

“We knew things had to change, thus we launched Realty Street Leads. Our real estate map/chat portal will make connecting and closing leads much easier thanks to our customizable chat bot and live chat platform,” says Leslie Fritz, Co-Founder, Realty Street Leads.

She says further, “Our Chatbot and Chat Live systems enable both you and homebuyers  feel less pressure, more comfort, and convenience to talk on your own schedule. This makes the overall buying process easier for real estate agents and their customers, which can then lead to higher quality face-to-face meetings.

More control over For Real Estate Investors

Unlike other platforms, Realty Street Leads focuses on generating buzz for the real estate agent and focus on the realtors website instead of all the branding going to Realty Street Leads. Take a look at the major real estate listing websites to see what we mean. They mostly perform self-promotion which puts real estate agents businesses in the background. Realty Street Leads helps drives more traffic directly to the agents brand and puts them in the forefront. This ultimately acts as leverage and gives the agent more control over how they do business.

Realty Street Leads offers a very low membership fee to solve the problem for agents that want to advertise hyper locally, by specific streets and not to a broad zip code. With no set up fees, agents can become the preferred agent in a neighborhood of their choice. As the main search engine for real estate, Realty Street Leads becomes a 1-stop shopping experience designed to make it easy for buyers, sellers and investors to connect with a knowledgeable agent. Realty Street Leads has combined the features of social marketing platforms with interactive features and optimized for both PC or Mobile devices to make searching and getting questions answered a breeze.

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