Rising hip hop artist King Skills’ New single all set to take the rap world by storm

American hip hop recording artist and songwriter King Skills has just released a new single “Ballout” that talks about getting rid of phoney friends in life.

Jamaica, New York – February 06, 2020 – Good news for hip hop lovers looking for something new this year. Rising American hip hop recording artist and songwriter King Skills has recently released his new single this month. Titled “Ballout”, the song is both penned and sung by Skills.

Ballout was officially released on February 3, 2020, and is currently available on all major audio streaming platforms, including YouTube, iTunes, Google Play Music, Deezer, Spotify and so on. 

“It’s a great moment for me to announce the launch of my new single this month. Ballout is my first single in 2020 and hence extremely special. I am hopeful its soul-stirring rap will be able to strike a chord with my fans and listeners and its peppy rhythmic music will inspire them to play it on a loop”, stated Skills.

Ballout starts out with a tapping tone to set the mood for a groovy rap. The song is a take on the phoney friends who are nothing but enemies in the disguise of friends. Ballout states the sorry state of relationships today where we have more frenemies than real friends who are waiting to stab us at any given opportunity. The song warns us to be careful of such two-faced people and purge them out of life so that they can’t harm us. 

“Ballout is something very close to my heart given its emotional message. I feel anybody who has been betrayed by a close friend will be able to relate to it. Relationships and bondings are more artificial than organic today. And faster we get rid of those phoney relationships, better would be our life. I believe my new single will receive as much love and appreciation from you all as I have received with all my previous works.

A gifted and dynamic musician, Skills loves to experiment with different genres of music to create innovative tracks. He is the founder a rising indie recording label Platinum Muzik Entertainment LLC which is based in New York City. He is backed by a talented and creative team at Platinum and together they are involved in churning out new unique tracks from hip hop, R&B and many other genres of music. 

Speaking further, Skills said he and his team aren’t really happy with current state of music and they are looking forward to bring back the good old days of music.

“The contemporary music scene seems to be boring and it lacks the charm of good old days of music. So, we are on the endeavor to bring back the flavor of good old music with retro R&B hits and rap classics- but with our own modern unique twist.”

So far, Platinum Muzik Entertainment LLC has built a solid team of diverse, well rounded artists, and some of them are extremely hardworking and creative and engaged in making amazing music non-stop. 

About the King Skills

A promising American hip hop recording artist/ songwriter, King Skills was born in South Side Jamaica Queens and raised in Astoria Queens. His childhood was spent among poverty, danger, and bad influences yet it was music that helped him to find light amid all the darkness around. Skills from a family of music and his family’s strong involvement in music made him fall in love for the craft. He is the founder of indie recording label Platinum Muzik Entertainment LLC and has recently released his new single “Ballout”.

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