Creed Griffon is a New Fantasy-Adventure Series Written by C. L. Lewis that’s not only Gripping but Rooted in Real-Life Themes

Lovers of literature who are fans of fantasy fiction and adventure will love diving headfirst into the world of Creed Griffon. Filled with relatable characters as well as fantastical creatures, it would be hard for anyone to put down this book once they start reading.

Fantasy adventure books are always popular across different age groups. The genre plays on people yearning for fantastical adventure and expedition, as well as a sense of wonder. The Creed Griffon series is no exception. Written by C. L. Lewis, the series is set in a fantasy world where characters are forced to tackle real-world problems while contending with the awesome world they live in. At its core, the books are about friendship, betrayal, forgiveness, and the need to belong somewhere in this world. Many who have read the books have said that it is a page-turner because the story is gripping and compelling and the characters quite easy to empathize with.

The first book, Road to Dendura, introduces the main character of Creed Griffon to the readers and the world around him. His classmates consider him to be a troublemaker and an outcast. The sudden disappearance of one of his classmates forced Creed to embark on a journey. In his quest, he meets many unlikely characters and creatures. As he nears the completion of his journey, he is confronted with his past, something he tries vehemently in the past to avoid. Road to Dendura is also available in eBook format for readers who prefer reading with their e-readers and tablets.

The second book of the Creed Griffon series, entitled Iconic, follows Creed and now his trusty companion Burton around the mystical yet dangerous port of Tanis. They are joined by a WayMaker, Isabelle, and Clancey. Together, they struggle to understand the world of Craft, its unconventional customs, and the people that hunt them. Waging wars with Time Benders and fighting off unsavory creatures are only some of the challenges the group faces in this second installment. In the end, as they battle with the devil incarnate himself, Creed must learn to control his powers lest it controls him. Iconic promises, even more, twists and turns that will leave readers glued to the pages or screens. This second installment in the Creed Griffon series offers more depth and layer to characters readers have come to love in the first book.

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