OurSympathy® Provides Businesses with ‘Set-and-Forget’ Online Obituary Monitoring and Notification Service

The service is ideal for businesses who want to stay informed about the passing of their clients.

New Bedford, MA – OurSympathy® is pleased to announce they are providing businesses, lawyers, realtors, and other professionals with a unique ‘set-and-forget’ online obituary monitoring and notification service.

OurSympathy®is a daily, simple, and stress-free way for individuals and business owners to be notified in the event of a loss. The online obituary monitoring and notification service enables users to stay informed and connected to those they care about. OurSympathy®works by utilizing a web-based tool that will monitor a user’s database list of names on a daily basis, scanning all public resources and obituaries.

“No matter the individual or industry, when a death occurs, there’s always room for sympathy,” says Virginia Lee Arlington, founder of OurSympathy®. “We built this service out of compassion, respect, and understanding of the importance and often personal nature of client relationships. We completely understand there’s nothing more devastating than a loss, whether it’s a client or friend, and it is our goal to enable users to process death, offer condolences, and when appropriate, to say goodbye.”

OurSympathy®’s comprehensive platform is inclusive of a host of beneficial features not found on other obituary notification websites. Once the user uploads/imports their contacts, the system monitors daily, and sends out automatic reports of any contact matching or suggested obituaries. Additionally, the user will have access to features such as:

  • Ability to filter by state or monitor all states
  • Monitoring of related contacts by using the system’s unique contact relationship builder
  • Easily send personalized cards and gifts to contacts and related contacts in response to obituary alerts
  • And so much more

OurSympathy® is ideal for busy professionals, such as accountants, attorneys, financial planners, hospitality, small businesses, insurance agents, non-profits, realtors, or any other professionals who may not have time to read the obituaries. The service helps users to nurture and respectfully maintain customer relationships in a highly efficient way.

For more information about OurSympathy®, or to register for the company’s service, please visit https://oursympathy.com/.

About the Company

OurSympathy®was conceived by Virginia Lee Arlington, a dedicated and experienced business professional and Tax Consultant for more than 30 years.

As someone who is constantly dedicated towards providing the very best services for all of her clients, working to understand the unique needs and preferences of each client on a deeper level than ever before, and establishing long-lasting, personal relationships that are built around compassion, friendship and a deep level of trust, Virginia truly stands alone.

She hopes to help other business owners connect with their clients just as she has, because when tragedy strikes, knowing that there’s someone there to support you will always mean the world to the person in need.

Media Contact
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Contact Person: Virginia Lee Arlington
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Phone: 508-250-8731
Country: United States
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