TT cross chain practice, TT-USDT as pioneer


TT chain practice TT-USDT, as a pioneer in ThunderCore (TT chain), it is a new generation of the decentralize public chain platform.It breaks through the predicament of the current blockchain, achieves fast, high scalability, high security, solves the high gas fees, low TPS and fast transaction confirmation time of Ethereum. The founding team of TT brings together the top smart contracts, pioneers of distributed algorithms and senior entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley and the American academic community. The uniqueness of PALA’s consensus algorithm combines the ideas in many protocols to boldly and cleverly to form a concise and effective protocol that guarantees the efficiency and security in Blockchain technology. The TT-chain was officially launched in March 2019 and its compatible with Ethereum mining machine. Blockchain developers can deploy Ethereum applications on TT platform in a few minutes.

In August 2019, TT-Chain announced the launch of ThunderCore stable coin, successfully built up a cross-chain bridge allowing the creation and use of other crypto assets on ThunderCore. It breaks the different barriers between public chain, making it possible and efficient for the blockchain to expand and connect outwards.

Based on the technical advantages of ThunderCore (TT chain) and strong community operation experiences, on Tether’s USDT high global consensus and influence, the two parties joined to reach a strategic cooperation agreement after many negotiations. This supports the deployment of high-speed, high security, and low-rate USDT assets on the TT chain-TT-USDT. This cooperation is a milestone for both parties and not only promotes the global strategy of the two parties in the field of digital currency transfer payments but realizes the great dream of financial inclusion. Presently TT-USDT is the most popular among TT cross-chain assets, the application systems of dozens of well-known projects around the world are gradually being implanted in TT-USDT and many international communities are actively promoting it.

Example: ThunderCore Hub, Trust Wallet has supported TT-USDT for storage, transfer and release. TT exchange platform is able to provide the conversion between TT and TT-USDT.

Holding a stable coin TT-USDT can help development teams deploy applications on ThunderCore and while integrating these asset characteristics enjoy the more efficient performance of the TT chain.

For example, the cross-chain asset TT-USDT can make USDT have the characteristics of TT confirmation and high TPS (up to 4000TPS), the waiting time of both parties to the transaction is in real time. When the DApp application on Ethereum is migrated to TT, the deployment time is further shortened which will allow users and developers of the TT chain to take advantage of many public chain asset ecosystems. This will help share resources and support from other public chains Communities in order to attract more users.

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