Innovative Solution Found to Help Laptop users with their stiff neck and shoulders

Innovative Solution Found to Help Laptop users with their stiff neck and shoulders

February 24, 2020 – The world has a posture problem. According to recent scientific research[1] working behind a laptop creates an enormous strain on the neck, upper back and shoulders. We spend more and more hours slouching behind the laptop than ever before.

After just a few hours of working you can already feel the stiffness in your neck and shoulders. This will lead to many more issues later on in life, let alone expensive medical bills. Many of our jobs now require us to sit in front of a laptop for hours on end, day after day. This change in habits has contributed to problems with depression, fatigue, and pain.

The fix to this problem is a laptop stand, but current versions are bulky, non-portable and unnecessarily expensive. ZNAP designed a brand new ‘invisible’ solution that already gained over 200 five-star reviews. The first portable, light and affordable laptop stand in the world that will allow laptop users to work without the added strain on the neck and shoulders muscles. The stand can be used with all laptop brands and tablet screens.

Ultimately, the only way to fight back is to take positive action. If you can improve the way you carry yourself with the right ergonomic seating, then you can improve alertness, decrease fatigue, and become more productive within your role.

Everything you need to know

The ZNAP ultra-thin laptop stand allows users to travel and work comfortably and preserving postural health at the same time. With two different angles, the stand supports all the right areas to ensure the neck and the spine stay correctly aligned. The stand can be quickly unfolded with the help of little magnets that securely attach to flat surfaces.

Must have for accessory for your laptop. Give your great options for laptop positions, especially when travelling. It’s extremely thin, I don’t have notice it’s there while commuting,” says a recent customer.

Designed and manufactured in Copenhagen, Denmark, the ZNAP laptop stand can be shipped in 7-14 days on average. The product is even covered by an extensive money-back guarantee.

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