Kurz Family and Cosmetic Dentistry in Dacula, GA Goes High-Tech Offering Unbelievably Precise Dental Procedures

Kurz Family and Cosmetic Dentistry in Dacula, GA Goes High-Tech Offering Unbelievably Precise Dental Procedures
The latest in dental technology makes once complicated dental procedures more comfortable and precise. Kurz Family and Cosmetic Dentistry is one of the few clinics taking advantage of this technology.

Dental technology has significantly evolved over the past decade. New technology has made once complicated dental surgical procedures more comfortable and less stressful for the patient. Unfortunately, many dental practices don’t take advantage of the latest technology. However, that’s where Kurz Family and Cosmetic Dentistry stand out because Dr. Elena Kurz has taken every step possible to ensure her patients benefit from the latest technology. 

Dr. Elena Kurz uses what’s called a VATECH CBCT, which is a CT scanner that scans the entire mouth, allowing her to evaluate and diagnose a myriad of conditions typically missed on regular X-rays. Using this technology ensures implants can be placed with the highest precision and safety. 

The LightWalker Dental Laser is another exciting technology patients will encounter in Dr. Kurz’s clinic. It is used as an alternative to surgery for treating gum diseases. The laser removes tongue ties, works for gum lifts, and root canals. 

Patients also receive a snapshot picture of their mouth using the Intraoral camera Mouthwatch. It helps Dr. Kurz explain the solution to patients more effectively and discuss options. Speaking of procedures, sedation is used to help put fearful patients minds at ease during the procedure. 

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“We think technology should be at the forefront of every dental practice. Not only does it make the job of the dentist a lot easier and more precise, but reduces discomfort for patients. The decision to use the latest technology for us stems from the fact that we want to provide a dental service that’s unmatched in terms of quality and care,” said Dr. Elena Kurz, in a recent interview talking about the use of technology in dentistry. 

Kurz Family and Cosmetic Dentistry is also in the PPO network, so patients don’t run into network issues like getting reimbursed for less because they used an out of network dental clinic. Plus, Dr. Kurz’s affordable rates ensure patients also get to stretch their insurance further than what would be normally possible.

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