Leading social media marketer and coach Andrew Pabia offering free training to build $50k+ per month agency

Social media marketing expert and coach Andrew Pabia is extending free 15 minutes training video that will help social media marketing agencies to garner huge number of prospective clients in a short time frame and without shelling out huge amounts.

Fortson, GA – March 06, 2020 – News for social media marketing agencies struggling hard to attract prospective clients. Top social media marketer and coach Andrew Pabia is now offering free video training on how to get 20-50 qualified clients every week fast and that too without spending a small fortune. Pabia will be teaching proven strategies on how to get to $50k+ in monthly recurring revenue by getting clients the easy way.

Pabia’s coaching has already helped a huge number of entrepreneurs and social media marketers to scale up their business and experience accelerated revenues within a short time-frame.

“This system absolutely works! I went from $4k to $12k per month in 4 days” – Tyler W

“We were at $6k per month and have grown to $43k per month in less than 2 months” – Yaman & Joe

As per Pabia, there is a common misconception that cold outreach is able to get you leads and clients and that there is a far easier and more effective way to attract potential leads.

“If you are going for cold calling, cold emailing, posting in Facebook groups, event networking, and free trials to pull clients- well, you are just wasting time. There is a far easier, faster and more economical way to attract prospective clients to your business who will actually convert to actual customers. I have used this technique in my own career and have been able to scale my agency to over $70,000 per month in revenue without spending enormous time and money. As a passionate social media marketer, I wish to share the same winning strategies to my fellow social media marketers through my training video”, stated Pabia.

Pabia himself was a broke teen dad when he started his career in digital marketing as he was following the traditional process of cold outreach that was not giving him any success. But, last year, he figured things out in social media marketing and since then there was no looking back. Before he sold his social media marketing agency to another company, his agency was already garnering over $70,000 per month in revenue. 

Now, he  coaches social media marketing agencies and has helped numerous such agencies to make it big in a short time.

Pabia’s 15-minutes training video will show the tested strategies that will flood your appointment calendar with pre-framed appointments who are ready to buy before even they are pitched. And, all these would be possible without wasting time on cold calls, cold emails and other such dated client pulling tactics. 

“My training will enable you to garner pre-framed appointments in large numbers who are sure to convert. The ‘preframed’ appointments are the ones who are already psychologically influenced to do business with your social media marketing agency. This way, it would be a cakewalk for you to convert visiting traffic to actual customers.”

Pabia’s free training video will touch on some of the most major pointers of lead attraction and conversion –

  • Trainees will be able to figure out the #1 reason why clients are not taking them serious and also how to solve the problem effectively
  • Proven Pre-framing process that Pabia’s himself has used with immense success which will fill up your appointment calendar with up to 50 qualified appointments every week
  • The fact why you never need a huge ad budget to build up $50k+ per month agency and how to do that

“I will share with you tested and proven strategies to build huge trust and authority with your clients. Not only that, if you follow my coaching, you will never run out of clients to sell to.”

For more, please visit http://www.agencyclientsfast.com

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