ANR Clinic – Opioid Withdrawal Treatment using Modern Medicine – Now in the US

ANR Clinic - Opioid Withdrawal Treatment using Modern Medicine - Now in the US
“ANR” (Accelerated Neuro-Regulation) Is a medical treatment developed by Dr. Andre Waismann, an intensive care Physician from Israel.

“ANR” (Accelerated Neuro-Regulation) Is a medical treatment developed by Dr. Andre Waismann, an intensive care Physician from Israel. The Method celebrated a huge success all over the world, treating more than 24,000 patients successfully using the benefits of Modern Medicine.

The Effectiveness and the success rate of ANR versus any other treatments

ANR relies on science-based medicine and 30 years of clinical experience from Dr. Waismann, who identified the biological roots of opioid dependency in the 1990’s. A major benefit of ANR includes the ability to assess the Endorphin-Receptor balance. ANR’s success is directly related to the ability to evaluate the endorphin-receptor balance of each individual. This allows him to bring each patient to their optimal chemical balance and allows them to resume their lives free from dependency. This is the most profound difference between ANR and any other treatment: a dependence-free life.

Unlike other treatments and “Rehab” Centers, ANR treats the root of the opioid dependency

The therapeutic goal of other traditional “rehab” and “detox” facilities and treatments is only to treat the secondary effects of the dependency (the Opioid withdrawal stage, which you can read more about here), which will, in many cases,  cause relapse and failure.  At ANR, however, the therapeutic goal is to treat the root of the dependency. This is accomplished by rebalancing the central nervous system by modulating receptors and allowing the body to resume proper endorphin production, in addition to permitting the metabolization and elimination of unnecessary exogenous opioids.

Dr. Waismann’s ANR (Accelerated Neuro-Regulation) addresses the issue of opioid dependency and addiction purely from a modern scientific and medical perspective.

Opioid dependent patients require Modern Medicine – not a psychologist

“Addiction” stems from neuroadaptation, which is the body’s ability to create chemical responses in order to function normally in the presence of a newly introduced substance.

When a new substance is introduced to the human body, the body reacts by releasing different chemicals which help the body to respond appropriately. This response is crucial for the body to maintain balance. With continuous exposure to the substance, the body will begin to self-regulate chemical responses to maintain balance – establishing dependency. This consistent chemical response becomes the body’s new “normal.”

The body will still release the chemical response, even if the intake of the new substance is interrupted. This can cause unpleasant symptoms known as withdrawal. Opioid “addiction” can only properly be treated with Modern Medicine which helps regulate the imbalance in the endorphin system.

About Dr. Waismann

Dr. Waismann saw the effects of opioid addiction during his tenure with the Israeli defense forces, where he treated hundreds of inmates addicted to street drugs. This led to his development of ANR (Accelerated Neuro-Regulation), an anesthesia-based approach to help people with opioid addictions deal with the adverse effects of withdrawal. In 2005, the Israeli Ministry of Health professionally accredited ANR as its preferred course of treatment for opioid addiction. Dr. Waismann opened his first US clinic in Naples, Florida, in 2019, as part of his mission to help people understand that opioid dependency is a treatable medical condition.

Dr. Waismann received his medical training in Brazil at Faculdade de Medicina de Teresopolis. In 1998, Dr. Waismann shared his findings about the safety and efficacy of ANR at the International Congress of Anesthesia at Frankfurt in 1998. In the years since, he has successfully treated patients in over 20 countries, including Indonesia, Australia, and the US. Today, Dr. Waismann continues to serve as medical director of the public hospital-affiliated ANR clinic in Israel. Dr. Waismann also maintains a clinic in Switzerland and continues to educate health professionals around the world.

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