New research suggests: The acceleration of the expansion of the universe is an observer’s illusion

An article published in International Research Journal of Natural Sciences suggests that the phenomenon of the accelerating expansion of the universe may be an observer’s illusion. Published by the European Centre for Research, Training and Development (ECRTD) (APS Impact Factor: 7.72).

The title of the article is:”THE ACCELERATED EXPANSION OF THE UNIVERSE MAY BE AN ILLUSION OF THE OBSERVER: THE HUBBLE CONSTANT IS CALCULATED FROM THE DENSITY OF SPACE IN THE UNIVERSE  In the paper, Haitao Gao, a researcher at North Minzu university(China), said: The observed acceleration of the expansion of the universe is an illusion caused by the spectral redshift caused by the space density of the universe. The universe is not accelerating expansion.

Starting from the symmetry principle, Haitao Gao deduced the conclusion that space has density from the description of space being able to bend and expand in general relativity. On this basis, Haitao Gao deduced the relation between the increment of space density and the spectral redshift of light propagating in space according to the space-time conservation relation of special relativity. According to the description of the gravitational mass and the space structure of charge in the Material space theory, the amount of space increased due to the presence of charge is calculated, and the relationship between the linear density of protons and the spectral redshift on the observation path is derived. Finally, the relation between the spectral redshift due to space density and the regression velocity of the galaxy is obtained:. Where: N ~ on the observation path, the number of protons per unit length, unit: per /m. D ~ spatial distance between the observation object and the observer, unit: m. P~ the probability of an encounter between light and protons per unit length. According to the calculation, the Hubble constant generated by space density is (114.02793 Km/s)/Mpc, and the calculated result is basically consistent with the observed result.

In 1929, Hubble observed that the spectral redshift of an external galaxy is proportional to the distance from the observer to the external galaxy, Because of this conclusion, the idea of an accelerated expansion of the universe was accepted by most scientists, and the general relativity model of the universe was revised. However, according to the calculation of general relativity, the observed mass of the universe is far from enough to meet the needs of the accelerated expansion of the universe, so the accelerated expansion of the universe must predict the existence of dark matter and dark energy.

However, after 90 years of unremitting efforts, scientists have found no evidence of dark matter and dark energy, so we have to doubt the existence of dark matter and dark energy. If we assume that dark matter and dark energy do not exist, then the phenomenon of accelerating expansion of the universe would be wrong, However, the spectral redshift of external galaxy is indeed an observed natural phenomenon, and the fact that external galaxy are accelerating away from us according to Doppler’s principle is an observed fact. Therefore, according to the present physical theory, this is an insoluble contradiction.

According to the Material space theory, our universe originates from a set of five-dimensional mass with a projection radius of  in three-dimensional space. This set contains  incomplete five-dimensional masses, at seconds, the universe reached its present size, now, the expansion of the universe is almost negligible, and you can argue that the universe is now stationary.

The download address of the latest version of the Material space theory is:

Gao’s results pinpointed the cause of the spectral redshift of the external galaxy, Using the space density of the proton charge in the universe, the spectral redshift of the external galaxy is calculated, which negates the conclusion that the universe is accelerating expansion, The 90 – year – old mystery of dark matter and dark energy has been given a reasonable answer.

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