Stand Together to Conquer Coronavirus – YUEMIN LLC Cheers for the World And Prays for China on NASDAQ Big Screen

Times Square, located in the triangular place of Manhattan 42th Avenue, Froad Street and 7th Street in New York, is called the world’s crossroad of the finance and culture. Millions of people visit here each year. As the most well-noted financial center in the world, it attracts lots of great brands from all over the world promoting themselves here for a long time. Because of that, BBC and Reuters, the most famous media in the world, came to notice those brands, which also makes Times Square worth the name of the best window of catching eyes of world. Furthermore, with finance and high-technology perfectly combining here, Times Square means far more than it appears.

At 2 p.m. on March 6, 2020, Leo Jiang, the Chairman of China Private Economic International Cooperation Chamber presidium, the Chairman and investor of American International Chamber of Industries, the Investor of YUEMIN LLC, on behalf of YUEMIN LLC, will cheer and pray for countries from all over the world effected by Coronavirus on NASDAQ big screen. Although in America now, Mr. Leo Jiang never forgets China and always keeps in mind that all 1.4 billion people in China are in a very serious and struggling situation influenced by Coronavirus.

Therefore, he is doing everything he can to find medical protective resources for those hospitals, organizations and institutions that are fighting with Coronavirus in China and actively build medical protective resources procurement channels for them. For YUEMIN LLC, there is no doubt that taking international social responsibility is definitely a part of company’s mission, and all the time, we pay a lot attention to global disaster, environmental governance, geological disaster and pandemic, etc. that threatening people’s health. Like this time, after outbreak of Coronavirus, YUEMIN LLC built medical resources contact groups immediately to support China in a practical way, which helped them solve the problem of the extreme lack of medical protective resources in China and we truly hope we can make a contribute to help China conquer Coronavirus as soon as possible.

At present, Coronavirus has been controlled in China, and situation gets better and better. However, in America, the number of patients infected by Coronavirus is gradually increasing, and protective materials such as masks are extremely scarce. In response to this phenomenon, Mr. Leo Jiang, the investor of YUEMIN LLC, to take international social responsibility in a practical way, took advantage of serving as the Chairman of China Private Economic International Cooperation Chamber presidium and advantage of his familiarity with China’s international manufacturing enterprises to instruct the colleagues of YUEMIN LLC to transport medical protective materials like medical masks from China to America as possible as they can, so as to meet America’s medical protective resources needs and alleviate the serious situation of Coronavirus outbreak in America.

YUEMIN LLC focusing on import and export trade of food, frozen meat and health care products that are sold far away to countries of Europe, Asia and Africa, etc. In Asia, we set up a sales company Zhongyuan Lianchuang International Trading Co., Ltd, and it has built partnership with more than a hundred food import and export companies, supermarkets and consumer groups in China, which provides a pretty convenient and barrier-free sales channel for American beef products, pork, poultry and its related products and health care products. As for this, Leo Jiang as the Chairman of China Private Economic International Cooperation Chamber presidium calls for American poultry factories, food factories, health care product factories, those food export enterprises and medical manufacturing factories to pay close attention to pandemic in China and pandemic all over the world with us in order to provide timely help for places effected by Coronavirus and be enterprises with international responsibility. At the same time, we hope that these poultry factories, food factories, health care product factories, those food export companies would cooperate with us to continuously provide China with premium meat, frozen food and health care products with good price, so as to meet the emergency needs of frozen meat, food and health care products that can improve people’s health condition, which will be the situation that all 1.4 billion people in China will highly possibly face after Coronavirus calms down. Moreover, lets stand together to ease the serious situation of low rate of employment and to cut economic loss caused by the influence of Coronavirus.

People from all over the world, we breathe together, live together and we all have the same fate in some way. We should be the enterprises with international social responsibility! Let’s cheer for the world! Let’s pray for China! We highly believe that with the help and endeavor of people from all over the world, the world will win this battle! We will win this battle!

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