Garage Door Openers May Need To Be Repaired If They’re Not Working Properly

Garage Door Openers May Need To Be Repaired If They’re Not Working Properly

A home’s garage door is one of its biggest access points, and when things go wrong, it can be a real hassle and an inconvenience for the entire family. If your garage door or opener isn’t working properly, it may be due to one of these common causes.

The Remote Needs Batteries

If the door opener isn’t working, the remote may simply need a fresh set of batteries. When replacing the remote’s batteries, be sure to use the brand and type recommended by the door opener’s manufacturer.

A Misaligned Photo Eye

If the door opens and closes repeatedly, or won’t open at all, the photo-eye sensor may need adjustment. These sensors often get dirty or knocked out of alignment, preventing doors from closing as they should.

A Misaligned Track

If there are visible bends or gaps in the door’s rails, the track is likely misaligned. In these cases, the door won’t close or open properly. Visit to schedule service.

Random Door Openings and Closings

If the door is closing or opening randomly, there may be something on top of the transmitter.  Before calling for repairs, check to see if the remote is in your pocket or purse, where it may be pressed by other objects.

A Door That Opens Partially

If the door opens halfway and stops, it may be resting on or hitting something. Modern garage doors have safety mechanisms that prevent serious injuries, so it’s important to ensure that tools, toys, debris, and other items aren’t preventing full closure.

The Door Will Not Open

If the door won’t open at all, it may be because of a broken torsion spring. These springs do the heavy lifting as far as the garage door is concerned, and they’ll eventually need servicing or replacement. Visit for more details.

The Door Opens and Immediately Closes

When this happens, it may be due to the opener’s limit settings. Before calling for repairs, check the manual to see which settings should be used and adjust them if necessary.

The Opener Runs but the Door Doesn’t Move

If the garage door opener works but the door does not move, you’ll have to check the disconnect switch. It may be necessary to check the owner’s manual to learn how to assess the switch and reattach it.

Short-Term Operation

If the door operates for just a few seconds before stopping, check for blockages and damaged springs. DIY garage door spring repair is risky, and the job should be left to the experts.

A Quick Closing Garage Door

If the garage door is very quick to close, there may be a broken cable or spring. Again, these jobs are very dangerous, and it’s best to call a professional.

So far, you’ve learned a few of the most common reasons for garage door and opener failure, and you’ve also found that most problems are fairly easy to resolve. Some issues are complicated, though, and may be too difficult for the average homeowner to fix. If you’re unsure about the process, the team at Overhead Door Company of Houston can help. Fill out our online contact form or call today to schedule service.

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