AXLOIE Goin Sports Wireless Earphones Earn Praises Among Instagram Influencers

AXLOIE, a new brand featured in professional sports audio equipment including Bluetooth headphones and speakers, recently received lots of praise on social media platforms, especially on Instagram. Since it launched the sports Bluetooth headphone Goin series in 2019, AXLOIE has teamed up with many influencers and become popular in the audio markets of Germany, Italy, Spain, the United States, and other countries. The goal of partnering with celebrities is to establish brand awareness and drive fans’ decisions towards purchasing these Bluetooth headphones.

1. Instagram Influencers Endorsed AXLOIE Goin Sports Headphones

AXLOIE has got lots of exposure on Instagram by working with fitness and lifestyle influencers, artists, fashion models as well as music fans. They are showing a healthy fitness lifestyle through AXLOIE Goin sports headphones.

  • verdesca_trainer – An Italian athletic influencer wears theseprofessional sports Bluetooth earphones. He enjoys listening to music while doing gym workouts. No matter how crazy he shakes, the earphones do not fall.
  • stefanretrov – A German influencer, veteran at modeling, acting, traveling and training. On the post, he is running on the treadmill and showing the secure fit of AXLOIE Goin professional sports Bluetooth headsets.
  • andreadenver3 – A top Italian influencer with 1 million fans has a great figure. He was frowning and trying to roll iron, wearing AXLOIE Goin.
  • pilotmadeleine – A multiple-roles woman who is pilot, fashion, mother and travel blogger with 1.1 million fans in Germany enjoys doing yoga. Even with her baby at home, she can still maintain the balance between getting fit and taking care of her baby.

There are also many other lifestyle influencers who like to run outdoors. They wear it regardless of windy or rainy days, showing the superior quality of AXLOIE Goin Bluetooth headphones.

As shown by the estimations of AXLOIE Instagram, over 11 influencers with millions of fans have published posts and stories about Goin sport wireless earphones, receiving more than 50000 compliments and 1000 plus fan reviews. Today the editor would like to take you guys to discover why these AXLOIE professional sports wireless earphones are so well known among the influencers.

2. Designed By The International First-Class Industrial Design Masters

AXLOIE Goin wireless earbuds are designed by an industrial design master. He has 10 years of experience in electronics design and has won multiple awards, for example, Red Dot Design Award, IF Product Design Award, and Japan Good Design Award, has a sporty look. Based on his passion and specialty for sports and electronics, he pursues perfection and innovative design. After dozens of modifications, he finally designed Goin, simple but solid wireless sports Bluetooth headsets. The designer uses lines and proportions to present a feeling of sport and fashion.

Here are the advantages of AXLOIE Goin:

  • Special ear hooks design for sports, won’t fall out even you’re doing intense exercise.
  • Skin-friendly and solid materials are super durable. After hundreds of tests in the AXLOIE product lab, the ear hooks are still in shape.
  • Advanced IPX7 waterproof technology effectively keeps the earbuds from water and sweat damage, allowing users to do sports even on rainy days.

3. Superior Music Makes Sports Exciting

AXLOIE Goin are extraordinary true wireless sports earphones with great sound reproduction. They can genuinely reproduce the feelings communicated by different music types. They are additionally entirely steady and breathable, which is an incredible structure. Regardless of whether you have been tuning in to music persistently for a day, you won’t feel awkward, in light of the fact that they do not penetrate your ear canal as profoundly as other in-ear headphones.

Embraced lossless HD rendering innovation technology, Goin wireless earphones produce shocking sound quality with incredible bass and crystal crisp treble. Vocal and lead instruments will be precisely recreated without being obscured by the bass.

4. Long-Lasting Sports Fun

AXLOIE Goin earphones have a long battery life, and they have estimated to have 5 hours of battery life. This ought to permit you to do a great deal of activity, in addition to a 20-hour charging case that can last even an entire day. They can also be recharged quickly, with a full charge in approximately 1.5 hours.

With an IPX7 rating, AXLOIE Goin can secure against sprinkling, sweat and can be submerged at a depth of about 1 meter for 30 minutes. On the off chance that there is a ton of sweat during the time spent on sports, you don’t need to fear the deficient waterproof capacity of the earphones, the IPX7 waterproof AXLOIE Goin permits you to give yourself to sports without stress.

5. Thousands Of Praises From Users

It’s said that this product is not only popular with Instagram, but also welcome on Amazon US and Germany. Thousands of buyers praised that AXLOIE Goin wireless sports earbuds have skin-friendly ear hooks, astounding sound quality, easy control button, voice assistant, and long enough playtime. They are almost sold out of stock. Hope that we all can have it during this spring, wearing them for exercise, for health, for weight loss, and for a good figure.

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