Discusses the Benefits of Programs That Help Workers Return to Work Discusses the Benefits of Programs That Help Workers Return to Work

Injured and disabled workers present serious risks for businesses if the on-the-job accidents were mismanaged. It is necessary for all employers to report work-related accidents and give workers access to medical care. The results of the medical assessment determine if the worker can return to work. Reviewing programs that help injured workers helps employers get their workers back on the job faster. 

Reducing Disability Claims and Expenses

Reducing disability claims and related expenses helps companies avoid higher-than-average worker’s compensation insurance premiums. Giving workers a chance to participate in programs that get them back to work faster might help the company avoid paying benefits for longer. According to, businesses that use the programs cut excessive spending and keep their insurance costs more affordable. 

Increasing Productivity for Workers

Increasing productivity for workers helps companies get more projects completed by their deadlines and prevents unnecessary slowdowns. When workers are injured, the company loses workers and must use existing workers to compensate for the sudden loss. This often leads to overburdened workers and causes slowdowns in productivity. In these situations, the employer cannot hire someone permanently to replace the injured worker. Employment and worker’s compensation laws protect the injured worker and their job. Learning more about programs that help workers recover helps the company avoid sudden losses in productivity. Employers who want to learn more about the programs can visit the site now. 

Decreasing Downtime for Workers

Decreasing downtime for workers gives the worker faster access to their job and helps the worker earn their full wage. If the worker sustained a disability, the programs offer job training for a different position in the company. If the worker accepts, they receive wages while completing the programs and get back to work faster. The program prevents the company from facing hefty lawsuits that could result in paying the injured worker their lifetime wages. 

Finding Evidence of Worker’s Comp Fraud

Finding evidence of worker’s comp fraud gives the company legal means to terminate the worker. Programs designed to find flaws in the worker’s story can help the business avoid paying workers who don’t have serious injuries and can return to work. Stories such as “Wilton lieutenants return to work after climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro,” could present a business owner with a chance to prove fraud. For example, learning more about the worker’s injury helps the company determine if the worker was capable of light-duty work and if the company is paying needlessly for minor injuries. 

Helps Workers Who Want to Continue Working

Helping workers who want to continue working gives the workers a chance to earn their wages without filing for disability benefits. Training for a different job gives them a chance to get back to work. The programs such as options through FFVA help workers find a new career. 

Injured and disabled workers must be managed according to workers’ compensation laws. However, new programs cater to injured and disabled workers who need help. Reviewing how the programs work to help employers find new ways to get back their workers quickly. 

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