Florida Hard Money Lenders Offer Easy and Quick Financing for Real Estate Investors and Entrepreneurs

Florida Hard Money Lenders Offer Easy and Quick Financing for Real Estate Investors and Entrepreneurs
Hard Money Lenders IO is a Florida-based private lending firm that helps businesses and entrepreneurs get over financial issues without the rejections and hassles associated with traditional banking.

According to announcements released by Hard Money Lenders IO, the company is an established provider of hard money loans, also known as bridge loans, private money loans, and short-term loans. Borrowers with less than ideal credit scores have little hope of obtaining a loan quickly from traditional lending institutions. Florida Hard Money Lenders can quickly sanction loans for property investors and builders who need financial assistance.

According to sources, Florida private money lenders offering loans fill an important gap in the finance industry. They help keep businesses afloat and allow for the circulation of money. Hard Money Lenders IO provides hard money loans customized to meet the borrower’s needs. These private money loans can have terms that are best suited to the borrower’s situation. The loans are cleared within 5-10 days, and there are no upfront fees to be paid.

The term of the loans can vary from 6 months to 3 years. Residential property owners can benefit from fix and flip loans. These loans are available for sprucing up and repairing premises before putting them up for sale not long after the initial purchase. Investors who wish to hold on to a property for the shortest possible time before selling it for a profit can opt for this loan.

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Marketing Manager of Hard Money Lenders IO said, “Hard Money Lenders are known to provide soft loans to short-term fix and long-term investors who are looking for quick funding. The amounts that can be borrowed depends on the value of the subject property. If you intend to get long term cash-out to refinance loans for investment properties, the Hard Money Lender is here to help you. We have a program that allows buy and hold investors to cash out and refinance their investment. This type of loan results in a higher balance owed on your new mortgage, including the closing costs rolled into the loan plus the amount of cash you receive. This type of loan can turn equity into ready cash as well as offer better terms than that of the original loan.”

On getting started and the paperwork required, Marketing Manager said, “When you submit your loan online, call us or send us an email directly. We can talk through your loan scenario and determine within minutes, once we have a few simple questions answered if we can help. We can provide approvals typically within 24 hours and can fund in a matter of days. Hard Money Lender is a direct lender with immediate access to capital; we are the decision-maker and have the ability to move quickly.

We encourage brokers to call us directly or submit an inquiry through the site to get started. Typically, all we need is a property address and hard money loan amount request, and we can move quickly. As a direct hard money lender, we are able to assess a deal in a matter of hours and provide written terms to you within 24 hours.”

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