Bluesea Wholesale Air Conditioner is enabling people in Vietnam to buy from their favorite brands at a lower cost than that in market

Bluesea Wholesale Air Conditioner is enabling people in Vietnam to buy from their favorite brands at a lower cost than that in market
Buy a brand-new air-conditioner to add more charm to your home or workplace!

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam – Fighting heat has become a lot easier for the residents of Vietnam because of the amazing service provided by the Bluesea Wholesale Air Conditioner. The company serves as an intermediary between the manufacturers (renowned brands) and customers in Vietnam and provides a huge range of air conditioners and inverters at a reduced price. Apart from operating a central warehouse, Bluesea Wholesale has a strong digital presence and does not depend much upon the physical sales team. This is the reason why it can cut its expenses and provide quite affordable rates to its customers.

Customers in Vietnam can visit the market and carry out personal research to identify the best air conditioner for them. A smart customer would contact Bluesea Wholesale and request the selected product. The company will arrange for them the air conditioner/inverter they have requested in the same condition as the market but at a lower price.

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The management at Bluesea believes in co-operation and treats its customers as best as possible. In the words of one of their managers: “You can look to the electronics supermarket, electronics center, to see the model and price of the product. Then you can send us the basic information such as manufacturer, model, year of production, etc. We will quote the most specific and cheapest air conditioner price for you. You should be completely assured of the product quality because we get genuine air-conditioner production and warranty. We guarantee to install within 03 months: Warranty copper wire, electrical wire, plumbing, Eke, CP, and related materials when installing an air-conditioner. When there is an air-conditioner problem, you can contact us. We will call the Manufacturer to your home to check. We are responsible for checking the goods with the Customer. If an air conditioner is found to have a problem, we call the Air conditioner manufacturer to handle it.”

Apart from being an e-commerce store, the Bluesea wholesale also manages a blog where it compares and contrasts between various brands of air conditioners and inverters. Every listed product is thoroughly described with all its features, advantages over other brands and limitations. This part of their online presence is most significant and important because, with the help of it, the potential customers can make a better choice for themselves when it comes to buying any air conditioner.

The company can be contacted via the following media:

Mobile: 0918 22 78 98 | 0918 25 25 38 | (028) 5404 35 35
Mobile: 0901 805 000 | 0938 70 70 98 – Customer care: 1900 75 75 79
Phone: (028) 5439 6666 | (028) 5404 36 36
Showroom: 76A1 Nguyen Hong, Ward 1, Go Vap, Ho Chi Minh City

About the company:

Bluesea wholesale air conditioner is an online air conditioner reseller that sells branded air conditioners at cheaper prices than that available in the market.

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