A Future Superhero and Friends to gift Easter baskets and host superhero FaceTime to cheer up kids amid current lockdown

Yuri Williams, founder of A Future Superhero and Friends non-profit, has come up with great campaigns to bring joy and smiles to the lives of little kids amidst the lockdown woes.

Los Angeles, CA – April 10, 2020 Here’s some great news for little ones amid the current lockdown crisis. Long Beach-based non profit, A Future Superhero and Friends, has recently announced to gift Easter baskets to kids across LA whose parents aren’t being able to afford Easter baskets due to financial woes in the current times. The non-profit will also be hosting FaceTime phone conversations with superheroes to cheer up kids who are stuck at home during the Coronavirus pandemic.

“We are passing through a tough time lately due to the COVID-19 outbreak worldwide and the lockdown crisis has taken a heavy toll on the little ones. We do understand that the lockdown has damaged the economy a big deal and a lot of parents are in serious financial crisis. Many of them won’t be able to afford Easter baskets this time for their children and this is where we come in. On behalf of A Future Superhero and Friends, I would be traveling around Los Angeles and surrounding regions to save Easter for kids whose parents won’t be able to get Easter goodies for them in the current crisis. We will make sure every kid out here gets to celebrate a happy Easter”, stated Yuri Williams, the man behind A Future Superhero and Friends.

Williams and his non-profit has chalked up a line-up of plans to keep kids happy and smiling even in the current pandemic woes. Apart from gifting Easter baskets, Williams and his team have set up an Amazon wishlist to get toys for the kids who are in the hospital during this crisis. 

“Our heart goes out to those little ones who are in the hospital, away from their parents and family. We are looking forward to bringing a little color to their lives through our humble gift giveaway campaign this time. We have asked these kids to give us their toy wishlist and we will soon reach out to them with their favorite toys. All we want to see is their smiling faces.”

Speaking about the FaceTime calls, Williams stressed they will have superheroes like Deadpool, Miles Morales and Kylo Ren calling up kids at home to make things wee better for the little ones. Parents who want a superhero FaceTime for their kids would just have to send a direct message to Williams or his non-profit through social media. Upon receiving the message, A Future Superhero and Friends will immediately organize a Facetime call for the kids as soon as possible.

“The current Corona pandemic and consequent lockdown are really hard for our kids. They are stuck at home for weeks and are not being able to meet their friends or go outside for play. We know these are depressing times for them and thus we are striving to cheer them up through our super cool FaceTime superhero calls. We have their favorite superheroes waiting to have a video call with them to make their lockdown times a little more interesting and fun. Whether you want us to wish your kid a ‘Happy Easter’ or ‘Happy Birthday’ or a simple ‘Hello’, our superheroes at A Future Superhero and Friends are game with all.”

About Yuri Williams

A giver since childhood, Yuri Williams strives to help the needy and underprivileged through his rising non-profit A Future Superhero and Friends. He travels miles to feed the homeless, get groceries for the disabled, elderly and unemployed and also offers gift cards to poor essential workers. A Future Superhero and Friends is driven by the mission to improve the quality of life for the homeless, deprived and unfortunate people in the community through love, care, support and emergency services.

For more information, please visit http://www.afuturesuperhero.org

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