Meet Kallie Skys, single mother of two and a passionate singer & rapper with a powerful voice

Kallie Skys is bringing a fresh new style to the music scene, with her powerful vocal range and propulsive cadence. She is a singer, rapper and songwriter from Alabama, who started her musical journey at a young age while singing in the choir. As a single parent raising two boys, she says she just wants to set an example of what it looks like to chase goals, strive for greatness, and to never give up. She released her first EP Musix Luvchild, in 2017, showcasing her remarkable skills and versatility as an artist. While singing is her first love, she says rapping gives her a different outlet to express how she feels when the pretty fades and life starts to get a little tough.

Interviewer: What inspired you to follow your passion for music?

Kallie Skys: The situations in my life inspired me to write music. Being faced with so much adversity every day forces you to find a way to cope and for me, it was through music. I’ve always been a huge fan of all types of music but I’d have to say my biggest inspiration has been the Queen B, Mrs. Beyonce Knowles Carter. She is the epitome of women’s empowerment and I would love to follow in her footsteps.

Interviewer: Tell us about your musical projects released so far.

Kallie Skys: My first EP called “Musix Luvchild” was released in 2017. After which I released a few singles such as “Bae”, “Birthday Special”, “Happy”, and one of my most recent release, “Stay”.

Interviewer: How will you describe your musical journey so far?

Kallie Skys: My journey has been quite an interesting one… Challenging to say the least. I’ve battled with depression and anxiety…. loss, and heartbreak… but yet I manage to always find the strength, the lessons, and the silver lining in all of it… Music for me has been a lifeline and I just don’t know that I would’ve survived without it.

Interviewer: What is your approach and creative process while writing any song?

Kallie Skys: What I want to do through my music more than anything is to make people feel good! I want to send positive vibes and messages as much as possible because life can be really tough… We need positive reinforcement to keep us in good spirits and what better way to send those positive vibes than through a good song

Interviewer: Tell us about your upcoming projects?

Kallie Skys: Okay, well my plan is to drop singles for starters. This being the beginning of my music career I don’t want to put out too much too soon. My plan is to give the people intimate pieces of myself one song at a time until they feel comfortable enough with me as an artist to purchase entire albums. Testing the waters before I dive in feels like the best move these days. I have several singles lined up waiting to be released, each with its own unique ambience. I want to gain the confidence of my audience and I feel the best way to do that is to take my time with them and show my dedication to releasing nothing but greatness at a pace that they can comfortably keep up with.

I aim to build the anticipation in such a way that each song makes them eager to hear the next and I assure the listeners that I will NOT disappoint!!

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