Adenna Announces its Partnership with NuTrend Disposables

Adenna Announces its Partnership with NuTrend Disposables
Adenna team has announced that they would formalize their partnership with the NuTrend Disposables. The two respected brands believe that this will give the brands a new look while maintaining the legacy of each of these two brands.

Ontario, CA – Apr 14, 2020 – Adenna LLC, a well-known supplier and producer of disposable safety products, has announced that it is going to partner with the NuTrend disposables. This is to provide quality products as well as make the services more available. The merger will take effect immediately though the new business will retain the name Adenna. 

The two names understand that getting quality disposable safety products can, at times, prove next to impossible. That is why they have decided to work together to provide products and services that are unmatched.

The new partnership will enable the new entity to provide a wide range of products and services under one roof. Adenna, previously known for offering various disposable gloves and infection control products, will now merge with the NuTrend Disposables. The latter was a leading manufacturer and supplier of disposable wipers and washroom products. With this, clients will benefit from a wide range of combined services and products that the new entity will offer. The new business will now provide wipers, disposable gloves, rags, toilet seat covers, air care, microfiber products, infection control, sorbents, personal care products and personal protective equipment.

The merger will also enable the clients to access the products and services easily while enjoying expanded product categories and services. Former NuTrend clients will also get to use quality disposable gloves and infection control products from Adenna. The new business will also get a chance to expand its service areas and client base. The former Adenna which previously served areas like automotive, dental, laboratory and cosmetology will now serve safety and supply distribution clients as well.

Also, clients will continue to enjoy unmatched customer service. Mr. Tom Friedl assures the clients that the new business will deliver nothing short of efficiency. The merge will bring high customer fulfilment while providing unique, affordable products and services, qualified staff and quality customer service. The new entity will ensure outstanding customer communication. This will be in the form of product demos, active new websites, instrumental videos and powerful social media platforms. Their aim is to build a unique client base that would engage and inform clients. 

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