UK News Site Reveals How Celebrities Are Handling Self-Isolation

A popular news site has revealed which celebrities are moaning about self-isolation. News lanes has been watching how celebrities have been reacting to the self-isolation that has been imposed by the government. Some celebrities have been keeping up the spirits of the great British public while others have continued to moan.

The news site which applauds the NHS for the hard work they are doing, and those working in supermarkets and on the front line, would like to see more celebrities use their influence to lifts the spirits of the UK.

“We would like to see more celebrities use YouTube and Facebook to help bring fun to social media during this dark time. We want to see more celebrities following in Gary Barlow footsteps who is singing everyday and getting together with other artists,” explained a spokesman for News Lanes.

Nobody said that the quarantine set down by the government was going to be easy. Being stuck in the home each day and seeing the same people can be hard, but we all need to cope and pull together and think of others. What we don’t need according to News Lanes is people complaining. However, it seems that a lot of celebrities are doing just that.

News Lanes has put together a list of the celebrities that are living the life of luxury but are still complaining about being locked down in their property to stop the spread of coronavirus.

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