Grammar Chic, Inc. Urges Job Seekers to Combine Traditional Resume Writing and Social Media Tactics to Create a Well-Rounded Professional Image

Amanda E. Clark, president and editor-in-chief of Grammar Chic, Inc., responds to reports of the decline of the paper resume by asserting the importance of looking at both traditional resume writing and social networking practices when searching for a new job.

The nature of the job search has certainly changed with the advent of the Internet, as employers are increasingly calling upon the power of the World Wide Web to recruit, screen and evaluate talent. While some industry professionals, such as Amanda E. Clark of Grammar Chic, Inc., view the Internet as a wonderful component of a well-rounded job search, others are anticipating the eventual demise of the paper resume altogether. An article published by HR News Daily poses the question, “Are paper resumes dead?” in its headline. Clark answers that no, they are not, and provides insight to job seekers regarding how to balance their traditional job search practices with online networking and other Internet-based activities.

The article warns: “Get ready for the moment you see a job post saying, ‘no paper resumes.’ Companies will identify qualified candidates by social media influence on Klout and Twitter, using hashtags for job seekers to apply for jobs […] More human resources departments are spending time searching for candidates on the Web, more time than staring at paper resumes.”

While the Internet does offer valuable information regarding some candidates, it is not a tool that can provide a comprehensive picture of their professional capabilities. At the end of the article the cons of using an Internet-based job search process, rather than one that incorporates traditional resumes and cover letters, are listed. One of these is that recruiters may be misled by the information provided by a candidate’s online presence in the form of false positives. Additionally, Clark asserts, highly talented job seekers who have not established a strong online image may be overlooked. This is one of the reasons why Clark encourages individuals to pay attention to both their paper resumes and their image on the World Wide Web.

“When it comes to providing targeted information regarding a candidate’s skills, experiences and accomplishments, the traditional paper resume is a highly powerful tool when written effectively,” asserts Clark. “With a professionally written resume and cover letter, a job candidate can successfully highlight the value that they can provide to their next employer. This said, though, it is important that job seekers understand that hiring managers and recruiters are surfing the World Wide Web, doing research on candidates that they are considering. As such, I always recommend that anyone who is looking for a job pays close attention to the online presence that they have created.”

Clark encourages job seekers to take an inventory of their online assets, such as social media profiles, websites and blogs, by doing a quick search for their name. They should then ensure that these assets reflect them in as positive and professional a light as possible.

“Something as simple as changing your profile picture on Facebook can make a major difference in how hiring managers perceive you,” Clark comments. “Because of this, I think it’s a great idea for job seekers to polish their social media profiles in terms of their images and content. Taking down or refraining from sharing posts that are offensive or even just off color can do a lot to improve an online image—and this is key when looking for a job in today’s competitive market.”

Ultimately, Clark notes, hiring managers and recruiters are going to search for the names of the candidates in which they are interested online. By syncing LinkedIn profiles to paper resumes, removing inappropriate photos from Facebook and Twitter and engaging in positive, meaningful networking activities, job seekers can improve their online image and complement the traditional resume and cover letter that they provide to potential employers. 

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