Dr. Stephanie Atkinson-Alston Launches Revive And Empower Coaching To Thrive During Crises

Dr. Stephanie Atkinson-Alston Launches Revive And Empower Coaching To Thrive During Crises

To me, one of the wonders of life is never knowing what is around the corner.

During these unprecedented times, it is critical to surviving the tough times. Also, it is essential to plan and prepare for the new normal that will emerge beyond the crises. Dr. Stephanie believes that people could be more and do more. Her methods are results-oriented and empower people with the focus, insight, and accountability needed to achieve consistent results during regular and challenging times. She promotes partnership with her clients as she moves them to reach their peak performance and achieve lasting results. Over several decades, countless people have enjoyed the warmth, humor, and transformational power of her business and personal development skills. Dr. Atkinson-Alston is a highly skilled and effective life and business strategist.

Dr. Stephanie says, “Careful preparation on each step of the journey can often make the difference between receiving a job offer or receiving the dreaded NO from an employer.” She shares that it is essential to know oneself well, see the company you are working for as thoroughly as you can, and know what you can do to make the organization successful. She believes that when a person understands and realizes what skill sets and traits they bring to the table, they become the go-to leader in an organization. When one solves problems for others, it results in peak performance and confidence to advance their career strategically.

Dr. Stephanie emphasizes practicing mindfulness every day as it allows people to embrace both positive qualities and colleagues that people work with. According to her, mindfulness creates a clear picture of oneself. It helps one know how to act in any given situation. Also, it sets the space for people to be their best, whether it be an interview for a position or when working hard in their jobs. Mindfulness enables people to focus and make clear confident decisions.

The randomness of life keeps people on their toes. She says, “As with everything else, be mindful of using any event as a learning situation.” How­ever, as the career spreads over time, people will encounter obstacles that will have a similarity to past experiences. Use those experiences to move through the new situation, help others, and build a legacy.

Author of the #1 best-selling book “What They Won’t Teach You In Grad School”, Dr. Atkinson-Alston has empowered people from all walks of life through this amazing book and her professional coaching. “What They Won’t Teach You In Grad School is a must-read book for anyone ready to enter today’s workforce or thinking about advancing in their career. It gives practical tips about what it takes to succeed in what will continue to be a highly competitive race to the top.

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