IBC Financial has expanded their Global Support Initiative for Pandemic Relief

IBC Financial has today reported that their Global Support Initiative has began implementing additional elements to help staff and communities with the challenges facing them during this difficult time.

Some of the support we are offering includes:

Colleague Support

All IBC Financial employees are eligible to receive additional paid time-off for coronavirus-related exposure or sickness. In addition, colleagues in critical roles who are directly serving our clients are receiving supplemental compensation in recognition of their dedication and unwavering professionalism to ensure our clients continue to receive exceptional service.

“Our employees are our greatest asset,” Renshu Zoeng, CEO of IBC Financial said. “Offering supplemental compensation during this time is a natural extension of our long-standing guiding principle to ‘do the right thing’.”

Community Assistance

IBC Financial is making additional donations to a number of local and regional nonprofits that serve the immediate needs of the most vulnerable people during this time of crisis. The charities selected are special COVID-19 community funds and non-profits focused on financial insecurity.

“It is during challenging times like these that we intend to demonstrate just how much we value our clients, colleagues and community,” Renshu said. “The times we are facing are both unprecedented and unexpected. For the first time, a health crisis has developed into an economic crisis, rather than cause one. The consequences of such are, and will continue to be, far-reaching and profound to the clients and communities we serve.

“However, in our years of conscientiously serving our clients, we have maneuvered through various market cycles and downturns without serious obstacles. With our team expertly managing the stringent recovery measures we have in place, we are in a strong position to emerge from this global pandemic unscathed.

“Our senior management team have all agreed to a 30% reduction in salary and compensations, with all proceeds benefiting communities most affected by the recent outbreak of COViD-19. We will continue to fight this economic and life-threatening virus in any way that we can. Please do your part by staying safe and following your Government’s guidelines.”

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