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Going Out Trends And Fine Cuisine, What Happens Now?

London, England – The UK enters its fifth week of lockdown with few prospects of a clear resolution being offered to a nation coping with isolation. As quarantine spills into its second month, the country seeks comfort in its kitchens.

Pots and pans simmer and boil with aromatic spices and comforting aromas in households all over this great Union, serving up a new generation of make-shift chefs. Armed with a whirl of social media recipes and Michelin-starred tutorials, these culinary first-timers look to relive the glory days when some of the world’s best restaurants and bars were only a cab ride away. The results peppered all over Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other popular platforms, prompting immediate food envy on salivating spectators.

However, this newly minted trend of home-schooled Cordon Bleus begs the question: will the  new appreciation for fine food and its laborious creation continue in the post-Covid world? And if so – how will it impact the food and drink industry? Will we see a huge upsurge of restaurant reservations at the top dining destinations across the country or will the trend pass and preferences regress to fast food and casual dining?

Antoin Commane, founder of Don’t Die Wondering, a discreet society which focuses on providing its members with intel and access to exclusive parties and events in music, fashion, art and luxury lifestyle offers an insider’s perspective: “the underlying trends we have seen being adopted within DDW by our ‘in-the-know’ and celebrity clients for the past few years are now bubbling to the surface in a state of mass adoption. A focus on the quality, not quantity, of experiences (including dining and drinking) are being paired with a surge in demand for the tailored and curated.”

Perhaps Mr. Commane’s view is right; maybe the world’s palate is shifting, both literally and figuratively towards the more refined and nuanced. We certainly can’t wait to see what the result of this new bespoke reality will be – let’s just hope we can get access to a platform like his ‘Don’t Die Wondering’ society to be able to take advantage of it.

Words by Ivy Thompson.

About Antoin Commane / DDW:

Antoin Commane is an Irish-English entrepreneur and investor based in New York and London – he’s been featured in the Evening Standard, BBC News, The Times, Tatler magazine, among other press for his entrepreneurial ventures. Antoin started his entrepreneurial journey at a young age leaving school at 16 to create a web hosting company that he later sold.

After this, Antoin ventured into the nightlife business launching nightclubs in London’s exclusive Kensington; famed for Prince Harry, Gwyneth Paltrow, Cameron Diaz, Billy Zane, Rita Ora and Ed Westwick, among many others frequenting his venues and international gossip columns followed their escapades in the clubs every week.

These endeavours evolved into Don’t Die Wondering (dontdiewondering.com), or DDW – as it is affectionately known by its members, an exclusive digital member’s club and luxury online magazine for high net-worths and influencers covering an underground scene of events and parties in music, film, art and fashion.

Generally secretive to those on the outside of this discreet private society, DDW grants those in its ranks rarefied access to London and New York’s most coveted PR and luxury brand events gracing the glossy pages of the world’s best magazines and newspapers. A-list events like Fashion Week, BAFTA, The Brit Awards, red carpet Film Premieres and Frieze Art Fair.

Antoin also runs a successful marketing agency for sales funnels, and has a keen interest in metaphysics and consciousness which he tweets about daily. That is why you should follow Antoin Commane’s social media and his entrepreneurial journey.

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