Servet Duran Returns To Turkey to Launch His New Album

Servet Duran Returns To Turkey to Launch His New Album

Servet Duran, the Turkish Belgian artist, returns after a few years. Before he wants to release the new single ‘Sevdim Seni’ in 2020, he makes a music video clip of his 1st album, ( a slow song ‘Sevdim Seni.’

The song was directed by Suat Sakarya, who is a top producer in the country. The producer did a great job of coming up with the best piece of art. Apart from the involvement of the best producer, he also involved the best video producer.

Servet Duran

Little Biography of Servet Duran

In the beginning, he had an interest in Turkish music since he was young. His family moved to Belgium when he was only five years old. He was born in 1983 in a family of seven kids. Although his family left turkey when he was still young, his interest in learning more about Turkish Music did not fade away. He decided to grow his hobby into a profession after collaborating with several artists.

He has been successful in producing a wide range of songs in collaboration with other artists. Servet Duran’s education abroad opened more doors for him. He has pursued his interest in the entertainment scene to achieve great success. In 2016, he also decided to take acting lessons in Belgium, which has made him participate in several plays. He has participated in several large productions in Belgium that you can see on his IMDb. His energy is far from being done to be even more successful and to sign larger projects. His secret about success is: You will stumble and suffer and be rejected, but in the end, you always reach your goal, you just have to believe in it and fully support it until the end.

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