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If you’re an entrepreneur who wants to operate an internet-based business, in all likelihood, your business model will require a website. A website is first and foremost a marketing tool. It’s the most common way for you as a business organization to have your presence on the internet.

Technically, a website is a collection of web pages or screens full of graphical and text-based content that tell of you or your business. Users can then access your website on the internet. An apt analogy is that your business’s website is the virtual equivalent of a brick-and-mortar store. You hold your business in that location, attract customers, transact with clients, make sales, and drive revenue.

How do you get yourself a website? There are two ways. You can build one yourself or you can have a professional web designer or agency build one for you. Each offers advantages and disadvantages that you should be aware of so you can make an informed choice that’s appropriate for your business needs and intention.

There was a time when building a website meant you had to know software coding. If physical stores were built brick by brick, then websites were built by programming line by line. It was an arduous task left to software engineers, programmers, and tech-heads.

But nowadays, there are online web building services that allow you to build your website without you having to know a single string of code. Web building can now be just a visual exercise. Just like pre-fabricated construction, people can drag-and-drop pre-designed sections, upload content to fill areas, or just choose from a hundred of customizable templates.

The advantage of these self-help web-building services are apparent. There’s the cost savings of doing most of the work yourself and a lot of the clients like being able to control what goes into their website.

But this doesn’t mean that professional web development companies have been put out of business. There is still a strong demand for them. One particular agency that’s having a surge of new clients is A look into will show the reasons why hiring an online marketing agency with professional web development can still be more advantageous than do-it-yourself web building services. can create websites faster. There is no big-time investment, as required by DIY services that have steep learning curves. There is no time wasted on trial-and-error. Having somebody else do the web building will leave clients with more time to do what they do better – which is run their business. creates websites that not just look right but are functionally correct. There are website performance characteristics like load times, for example, that are hard to dial in through DIY methods. A low-performing website, like one that loads slowly, will quickly lose any visitors it gets. But ensures that the websites it makes are light, error-free, and fast-loading on the get-go. also applies SEO considerations with its website development. Search engine optimization makes a website more visible to the algorithms of search engines. With proper SEO treatment, search engines will rank a site higher and, in turn, users will have a higher chance of finding your site through organic searches. can do custom website functionalities as well as design provisions when a business has to eventually scale or evolve in the future. DIY services only offer limited website functionalities. The built-in features are often good enough for personal websites purposes but the needs for online businesses are more intricate and require greater customization. Some DIY services do offer these types of customization but at a premium, which actually defeats the savings intention of going DIY in the first place. Again, it’s all about doing it right the first time.

Lastly, provides its clients with better control of their website. How is this achieved when clients don’t have a hand in the actual building? During the hand-off of the finished product, gives the client instructions on how to manage their website. understands that clients don’t need to know everything about web building like coding and debugging but they do need to know basic housekeeping and maintenance tasks like publishing blogs or putting important content updates on their website. And if there are any issues or concerns that come after the website is handed over to the client, can provide the necessary over-the-phone or email support.

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