Earth Day 2020 Digital Action Aimed at every Mayor on Earth

Wasted Electricity Seen From Space
ISS photo of SE China, March 5, 2020 courtesy of NASA 

I went to the first Earth Day fifty years ago and I remember one thing – a man was sweeping up at the end of the day, and he said to me ‘I wonder if anyone will do anything about this.’

I did my small share since that day, but something changed when I saw the nighttime images from the International Space Station and thought – ‘Who left the lights on?’ Of course we need to light our way in the dark, but what does it say when our lights are visible 250 miles away?

“Those images from space look great, but I can’t accept that we burn off a mountain range to get a pretty picture.” – Jack Garman, Environmentalist

I set up a simple website,, and then went to Instagram. There I promoted a single image and a single idea – “Gen X, Gen Y, Gen Z – They burn off your future all night long.”

That post got over 282,000 likes in lesss than seven days. gives people a chance to make their dissatisfaction known. From the website, anyone can copy a letter to their Mayor, then go to their Mayor’s website, paste in the letter werever possible, and sign their own name.

Also, for every letter, CutUrbanLights would love to hear, and publish, what the Mayor said in return.

This effort won’t only save tax dollars. Corporate profit is wasted by out-of-control lighting. When you see a massive office tower lit up, it burns off profits, and a possible dividend payment, all night long. I hope stockholders see their own losses here.

Finally, as cities bring down their wasted electricity profile, less and less CO2 is released into the air. And as we all know, any reduction in any pollutant is to be welcomed during this challenging time.

Learn more at and I hope you’ll send your Mayor an email.

They can’t ignore us all. is a blog meant to expose urban lighting waste. encourages direct, personal contact with Mayors around the world to pressure them to prioritize best practices in urban lighting. Blog owner Jack Garman is an Environmentalist since the first Earth Day fifty years ago and a screenwriter who lives in Los Angeles. He hasn’t owned a car in 34 years.

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