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Our reliance on the smooth operations of trading and business on the internet, particularly on small-scale industries, has never been so vital and necessary.

People are not only making major investments to participate in the virtual economy but also partaking as a primary means of living. To many, their business website is their bread and butter.

As such, a lot is on the line when talking about the consistency of operations of online business. According to the estimates of financial experts, enterprises that deal with large amounts of data transactions through websites and web-based applications stand to lose millions of dollars with every hour of outage.

On the other hand, smaller companies stand to lose around $300,000 per hour or $5,000 per minute of website downtime. The amount is significantly less in comparison with the potential losses of larger companies but that amount constitutes a larger portion of the gross worth of an entire smaller company. In short, bigger companies can take the hit with their loses but smaller companies can fold and collapse from outages.

As a result, online businesses need to do what they can to ensure that their websites reliably run all the time. That starts with utilizing a reliable web hosting provider for their website.

There are many types of web hosting services, each offering different levels of security and reliability. Most companies “rent out” server space from commercial providers.

Most commercial web hosting providers offer shared services to make web hosting more affordable. They also offer virtual private server hosting, cloud hosting, and even dedicated hosting if clients can afford it. Whatever the nature of the hosting service is, most clients primarily consider a web hosting’s uptime reliability in choosing a web hosting service.

That is why most web hosting servers advertise their uptime reliability. Most claim uptime reliability of above 99.95%. This means that in a service period – usually a year – their servers can be relied on to provide trouble-free hosting services 99.95% of the time.

It seems comforting that the chance of downtime is only 0.05% in a year but a simple calculation will show that the percentage translates to 270 minutes or the possibility of having a four-and-a-half-hour outage. Considering the hourly cost of an outage to an average size online business, a 0.05% chance of downtime is now less comforting.

So for good measure, it is recommended that most businesses use a third-party service to monitor their website’s availability. The service is called uptime monitoring. Uptime monitoring services regularly and methodically test the performance of a website as a function of a web host. If issues are detected, alerts are sent to the online business owners or their system administrators.

Due to the need for uptime monitoring and the general simplicity of the service, there’s been a proliferation of uptime monitoring services in the market. Most do the job of basic uptime monitoring work but only a few offer comprehensive service testing and a wide variety of service monitoring–related services. One such uncommon provider is offers detailed uptime testing of websites. It performs uptime checks measuring request numbers and response times with testing of both secured and unsecured hypertext transfer protocols (or HTTP). does these tests from five different servers located in different locations around the world. This allows network engineers to see if service issues are geographic and can reveal bottlenecks in the network. also performs ping tests to check latency or network delays to web hosting servers. The smaller the ping value measured, the faster the response time. Large ping values indicate an un-optimized connection that has larger or farther run-around the internet to the destination web-hosting server and back. It’s also an indication of an overloaded server. also provides services that measure web API (application program interface) performance. It has a website speed service that measures page load times, time to title, render times, time to interact, and so on. also offers website transaction monitoring services that look into user activities. Inbound traffic rates, traffic sources, bounce rates, top pages, and conversion rates are measured. These are very important metrics for digital marketing analysis and web development uses.

Businesses have benefited from the services of and that’s why many have recognized the provider for giving stellar uptime monitoring service.

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