Aura Fire Alarm Helps Facility Managers With 3 Fire Alarm Maintenance Tips

Fire codes have over 50 different types of permit requirements, such as those for buildings that have combustible or flammable materials, hazardous materials, or high-piled storage. Moreover, regardless of the local permit or license, a fire inspector has the authority to enter any building with just cause. Aura Fire Alarm is here to make it easy for you to meet new and old fire alarm code ordinances. We get your property fully protected and code-compliant.

Building owners and managers are accountable to local fire codes through permits and business license inspections. These fire code inspections are usually carried out by local fire marshals and other fire code inspectors and officials.

Here are three violations frequently cited by local fire code inspectors. These are violations every building owner or manager would be wise to look out for:

1. Do you have spare keys to your fire alarm panel?

If there is an emergency, and sound devices are beeping, do you have quick access to the fire alarm panel? Unless your fire alarm is beeping, most people don’t realize they may not have panel access. False alarms are bad for everyone. At worst, they can create complacency that results in people ignoring a real alarm. That’s why it’s essential to check your fire alarm panel regularly.

Fortunately, there are advanced fire control panels on the market today that allow real-time control via the Internet and diagnosis that can quickly distinguish between threats and non-threats to minimize false alarms. When there’s a problem, don’t wait. To get started with Aura Fire Alarm today, or for more information on fire alarm systems, call us at (415) 881-4402.

2. Does your fire alarm system have water damage?

Is the circuit board inside the fire alarm panel corroded due to moisture exposure? It’s essential to keep it clean and functional. When you’re dealing with a fire, don’t wait till then to discover that horns, lights, and even automatic calls to your local fire department are no longer working. Especially with age, your fire alarm system’s notification features can fail.

You’ll need to activate the alarm system to properly evaluate if the alerts and notifications are working. Especially if there was a recent renovation conducted on your building, you may be at risk.

3. Do you have an outdated fire alarm system?

Inside the fire alarm panel, is there a diagram telling you how many devices are on your property? How many smoke detectors, horns, strobes, pull stations? Since fire alarm pull stations are, hopefully, used infrequently items end up being stacked around them to the point where people may not know they exist. In worse cases, emergency exit doors are sometimes even chained and locked. In the event of an emergency, if people can’t be alerted, you’ll likely end up having to deal with a lot more than just a fine.

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