A recent talk with DJ Knight and a glimpse into his life besides the entertainment world

DJ Knight is one of the widely known DJ who started his career in Atlanta. However, today he is famous worldwide for his catchy independent mixtapes. His first most promotion started from Juug Season, and then he created several mixtapes along with DJ Genius. His fans might be aware of the fact that DJ Knight has also worked with many other popular artists such as Future, Gangsta Boo, Juney Boomdata, Yung La, and Akon as well.

At present, he has gained more than 75.3K followers on Twitter and around 19K followers on Instagram, and people are crazy about his new label, Pure Genius Ent. Few other famous artists working on this label are Justine Time The Rookie and PGS Skinney.

During a recent interview with DJ Knight, he said that he is a multitasker. He is not an all-time entertainer; rather, at the same time, he is an independent contractor who provides quality control inspections to the clients. The most awesome thing to know about him is that he also works as an influencer. Many brands contact him to promote their products, and they engage him in some visuals as well.

DJ Knight, along with his Klickjam community, stay active on various social media platforms. He also owns a social media website, especially for models, musicians, producers, and growing entertainment junkies around the world. They were also excited to release their new vodka for this year, but the plans are on hold due to the current coronavirus situation. However, the manufacturing process is already started in Mexico.

DJ Knight also revealed that he does not play at a single place; rather, he prefers to run DJs at multiple clubs. Almost three years ago, he also completed his graduation to get a chance to work with Radio Stations. Although he has been branding his collections on Radio for the past several years, this recent qualification helped him to develop a solid and independent connection with this platform.

For his fan, it will be surprising to know that DJ Knight started djing right when he was just 15 years old. He considered music as the best solution to step out of the harsh realities of life and started hosting live shows to show his creativity to the entire world.

About DJ Knight:

DJ Knight is a famous entertainer who has worked in collaboration with many big artists in the entertainment world. With his creative work and talent, he has achieved millions of followers with a huge fan base, not just in Georgia, but in many other countries as well. He has created a potential community online for the upcoming musicians, entertainment junkies, and producers around the world.


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/djknightatl/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/djknightatl

In order to know more about DJ Knight, we recently asked a few questions from him:

Q. What inspired you to entertain the world as a DJ?

A. I was first Introduced to the music industry by a mutual friend. We created music using what I called back then a beat machine. I started rapping when i was 13 years old and noticed me and our friends style and delivery had a deep creative feel to it.  l got inspired once I put out a few mixtapes and started a city wide buzz. We would be at the local shopping market and hear cars driving down the street blasting our music. I remember pulling up at a traffic light and cars next me were playing my mixtapes as I heard my own voice lol. They didn’t even know I was next to them. At that moment I knew I was doing something right and proceed to further my career as a DJ and artist.

Q. Being a multitasker, how do you organize your time to create a balance in life?

A. I simply have the drive for it. Although I get extremely tired at times, Multitasking makes me feel comfortable. My thoughts were if I work my body to the limits then my body and mind would get used to it and eventually able to withstand the pressure. I can’t explain it but ive always felt like I have abnormal work ethic. Only because people always told me “your always doing something”. 

Q. What new releases can your fans expect from you after coming out of this pandemic?

A. I would like to drop my own personal album. I haven’t given the industry the artist side of me much, but only a taste. I feel like its kind of my secret weapon lol. The album would be entitled “The Tin Man”. Similar to The Tin Man from the Wizard of OZ. I’m 100 percent sure i’ll make heads turn and speakers blasting.

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