51st World Earth Day – Cherish the earth and protect the homeland

The British media reported on April 20 that this year will mark the 51st World Earth Day, Nielsen, Earth Day founder, said: “Although the new coronavirus pandemic means that the intensity of the celebration will be weakened, but the review The achievements made on Earth Day and looking forward to whether it can continue to play a unique role in today’s world, and are worth doing now!”

It is reported that this year’s Chinese “Earth Day” activity week is April 20-26, the theme is “Cherish the earth and people and nature live in harmony.” The concept of “mountain” and “harmonious coexistence of man and nature” stimulate people to form an ecological awareness of being close to nature, understanding nature, and protecting nature.

At the same time, according to information released by the European Union Consortium, the World Tree platform will be officially launched on April 22-Earth Day Global, working together for a better tomorrow for the planet, and calling on everyone to love our planet and plant it for a green planet. The tree makes “love the earth” a conscious action of every person on earth!

Love the earth, plant trees for the earth, and hope to create a better tomorrow for the earth. The tree of the world revolves around the “three core doctrines”. Recreating the mainstream miracle of decentralized wealth, the core of its value is stable, sustainable and long-term operation. Through professional scientific and intelligent macro-control, resonance and consensus mechanisms to help more people obtain value, with decent business philosophy To become stronger and bigger, the core of its background is created by the top technical team in Asia jointly hired by the European and American fund consortium.

The “Ten Millions of Tree Planting” and “Thousand Days of Picking” shining eyeballs on the Global Launch Day will inevitably result in a large number of tree planters. The scientific regulation plan completes the doubling of wealth in the 3-year cycle, and the high-level angel tree planters will be entitled to a quota of dividends. Many welfares are bound to cause a new upsurge! Love the earth, plant trees for the earth, let more people harvest the future in the tree of the world!

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