Overview of the company and its products – Dai Loi Furniture

Dai Loi Furniture is a dynamic, enthusiastic and creative brand that pays much attention to every customer. Established since 2010, Dai Loi online furniture supermarket system is considered as a leading brand in the field of providing the largest online furniture supermarket in the field of Home Office (home office), provide office and family furniture production. We aim to personalize the interior design for each customer.

Dai Loi Furniture actively designs, develops and manufactures its own product lines inspired by Vietnamese culture and consumer utility needs. We are working every day to bring interior design inspiration to every company office and home.


Building and developing Vietnam’s furniture industry to a new height and proceeding to integrate furniture export


Customers: Pioneers bring the best products, contribute to raising the modern life comfort and great service experience with low cost.

Staff: Bring the experience of using high quality modern furniture, beautiful, smart but the price is always optimally economical and cheap. We strive every day to make the most beautiful furniture to catch up with the trend of interior development but the best price is always the cheapest. We also provide design services for office and family furniture and build distribution systems nationwide.

Communities: Integrate the interests of businesses with the common interests of the society and contribute to creating natural clean green technologies to protect the environment.

Shareholders: Operate effectively sustainable development to increase long-term value for shareholders.

Core values

People are the foundation of Dai Loi Furniture brand. This is reflected in our attention to the lives of each employee and their family. We provide a dynamic multicultural creative environment to create new and more creative values ​​in each member of Dai Loi.

The quality of product is our ever-developing goal. The satisfaction of our customers’ product quality is a measure of our success.

This design is the special feature that makes our difference. Our designs are always up to date ahead of user trends that create greater value than users expect. It has helped us to have a firm position in the interior design industry in Vietnam

Service is our advantage, Dai Loi built a nationwide distribution system to meet the demand faster for furniture products and delivery immediately upon ordering. We have a factory and are always proactive in our inventory. Internal transport system and application of technology 4.0 make delivery easy and convenient for users.

Creativity: Creativity constantly, looking at reality and customers’ desires to design and create products that are more than expected both in terms of quality, style and especially to optimize the cost to produce products. cheapest products.

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