Your Website Monitor Protects Online Businesses from Security Threats through Extensive Monitoring

Running an online business has its own set of unique challenges. From attracting inbound traffic for sales conversion to adapting to fast-evolving technologies and online trends, digital entrepreneurs always have their hands full.

One of the biggest things that digital entrepreneurs are concerned about is security. There are information security concerns like phishing attacks, identity theft, and malware. This is addressed through the use of competent security software systems to keep virulent programs from taking root as well as intelligent design that improves data integrity, authentication measures, and non-repudiation processes, all of which make it difficult for bad actors from hacking into systems.

Another major concern in website security is external technical attacks. Technical attacks are one of the most challenging types of all e-commerce security issues. One notorious form of technical attack is a distributed denial-of-service attack or DDoS. These are usually aimed at sites or services, such as financial institutions, credit card payment gateways, online retailers, and social media platforms. DDoS attacks involve overwhelming a server, network, or website to paralyze its normal activity.

The most common DDoS attack is a volumetric attack. This is when a web hosting server’s network bandwidth is flooded with false data requests on every open port the server has available. Because the DDoS attack floods ports with data, the server continually has to deal with checking the malicious data requests and losses room to accept legitimate traffic. Hosted websites become inaccessible to the public, business grinds to a halt, and untold amounts of revenue are lost.

Web hosting service providers should have protocols in place to handle security threats, particularly those affecting quality of services, such as DDoS attacks. These protocols include passive measures to mitigate the effects of attacks, such as system redundancies, over-provisioning of bandwidth, or diffusion of resources like in cloud-based services.

These protocols also include more active measures such as advanced intrusion prevention and threat management systems, which combine firewalls, VPN, anti-spam, content filtering, load balancing, and other layers of DDoS defense techniques. But one security measure that is as critical as the rest is having an early warning system.

Some symptoms of a system being compromised include network slowdown, spotty connectivity, or intermittent website outages. Timing is critical. Website and server administrators should act at the earliest signs of service underperformance. To help both clients and providers spot these symptoms, third-party uptime monitoring services are needed. Among the uptime monitoring service providers, Your Website Monitor has one of the best early-warning systems in the market.

Your Website Monitor provides industry-leading uptime monitoring services. First, it tests for request-response rates and data packet transfers from five different servers located in different places around the world. This decentralized testing will reveal location-specific network issues. Your Website Monitor tests both secured and unsecured transfer protocols as well as ping tests. Ping tests are very reliable connectivity tests that can reveal latency or network delays to a server.

Your Website Monitor also offers other website monitoring services that can be used for the early detection of security threats. For example, Your Website Monitor offers website speed monitoring services. This service measures web performance, such as page load times or the time a web page takes to load content, time to title or how fast a website’s name fills a browser tab, overall weight or the amount of site data a user receives when browsing a site, or error rate, which the percentage of problem requests.

Another service offering from Your Website Monitor that’s useful for issue detection is real-time user monitoring. This service measures user activities. Measures include bounce rate or the time users take in lingering on the site, inbound rates or a measurement of the number of visitors, inbound sources or a measure of where visitors are coming from, and so much more. This service will show if transactions are made by actual people or just malicious programs trying to inundate the server.

All of these tests are conducted regularly, several times an hour, all hours of the day, all days of the week. Thresholds can be set to trigger an automatic alert that will be sent to the online business owner or system administrator via SMS or email.

Your Website Monitor can protect online businesses by providing extensive monitoring that can give early signs of security threats and malicious attacks.

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