Dermesthetica Scalp Micropigmentation Offers Innovative Permanent Solution for Hair Loss in Miami FL

Dermesthetica Scalp Micropigmentation Offers Innovative Permanent Solution for Hair Loss in Miami FL

Miami Shore, FL – Hair loss is a condition that strikes millions of men and women in the United States and while there are hundreds of products on the market to treat the problem, only a few of them are certainly effective, not to mention that many products are highly-priced, making them unaffordable for a large portion of the population. Fortunately, for people in Miami and the surrounding areas, Dermesthetica Scalp Micropigmentation provides a permanent solution to improve the appearance of hair.

Scalp micropigmentation is an innovative, permanent and non-surgical solution for baldness or thinning hair. This advanced technology creates a fuller, thicker effect by depositing pigment to look like follicles, adding density and camouflaging scars in both men and women. Many people in Miami have chosen scalp micropigmentation as it is the only permanent solution for hair loss that offers reliable results yet is much more affordable compared to other hair restoration procedures. 

“Unlike many products and services available on the market, Scalp micropigmentation is a service that is not only economical but has immediate results, which means that on the day of treatment clients can show off their new hair. Our clients don’t have to go through the uncertainty of not knowing if the treatments will work or not,” said the spokesperson for Dermesthetica Scalp Micropigmentation Miami, regarding the service. 

Dermesthetica Scalp Micropigmentation Miami is run by Jana Beyda, a licensed scalp micropigmentation specialist who has extensive experience in male and female baldness, hairline restoration, alopecia, and scar correction. Jana has a background in art and design that is of great benefit to her clients, as her sense of aesthetics enables her to provide unparalleled solutions for each of their needs. She takes great pride in her work, as she is a master at blending and creating depth when adding density or fullness, leading to seamless solutions.

Dermesthetica is a fully licensed business focused on providing a comfortable clean and discrete environment for clients while using only the best products available in the market for scalp micropigmentation

About his experience at Dermesthetica Scalp Micropigmentation Miami, a past client says, “From start to finish was superb. At first, I was nervous about getting such a procedure done but Ms. Beyda reassured me that it was gonna be an easy process. She was insightful, understanding, and patient when we discussed how as a man and businessperson I was feeling insecure about losing hair. After the whole process, I felt like a new person when I looked in the mirror.” 

Dermesthetica Scalp Micropigmentation Miami is located at 9999 NE 2nd Ave Suite 300-1, Miami Shore, FL, 33138. For high-quality scalp micropigmentation in Miami, contact Jana Beyda via phone at (786) 224-0875 or send her an email at To learn more about her services or book an appointment, visit the company’s website. 

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