Horror icons Fest, Rose, Bressack unite for new Jennifer

Horror icons Fest, Rose, Bressack unite for new Jennifer

“For Jennifer”
The latest in a long-running series of indie horror films

A who’s who of the indie horror community, including Tiffani Fest, Felissa Rose and filmmaker James Cullen Bressack, have collaborated on FOR JENNIFER, a clever genre release that is now available On Demand.

Fest says the film, a meta film about a horror blogger who yearns to learn more about a horror film franchise, is a labor of love.

“The To Jennifer franchise are all passion projects for everyone involved”, the horror regular said in a recent interview. “You have to love what you do to make these films.”

Rose, known for her role in cult classic SLEEPAWAY CAMP, says the film is both a clever independent film as well as a nice reunion between friends.

“I was in “2 Jennifer” (2016), which started as the brainchild of James Cullen Bressack, who I love, he’s a friend and a terrific writer/director”, the actress told Geeks of Doom. “I did Bethany with him and met Hunter Johnson on the set, and he went on to make 2 Jennifer and asked me to be a part of it and I had a blast. So then when Jody Barton took over and they asked to reprise my role I thought, ‘how great’. I really enjoy these independent horror movies and I’m drawn to the project, the script, the character, and the people around it. James, Hunter, Jody, and Tiffany Fest who plays Jennifer, the title role, she’s one of my dear friends. So I felt very close to the project since I was part of the franchise and loving the team. That’s always big for me, trusting and loving what’s going to be put out there. And I loved the character, I just had a blast on those films.”

After a surprise horror themed birthday party, Jennifer gets a scare that leads to an accident. Jennifer is a horror blogger and huge horror movie fan. Her friends, to cheer her up after the accident, decide they could make a movie. They collect their GoPro cameras and phones and begin to shoot. Soon, the discoveries of other low budget horror films similar to theirs begin to intersect with their own movie. This sends Jennifer on a journey to understand where these other “Jennifer” films came from. The journey leads to a discovery about the films she could never have imagined, and she realizes her participation has put her life, and the lives of her friends, in real danger. A danger they have to endure, whether by choice or not … if they want to make a good horror movie.

Lanett Tachel, Rich Finley and Nick Kekeris also star in the film.  Nick Kekeris, Bressack, Hunter Johnson and Frank Merle produce.

FOR JENNIFER is now available On Demand.

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/embed/grBIdpmIwCg

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