France Travel Blog Opens Up the Door to Enjoying & Exploring the Wonderful Country With Eye-Opening First Hand Reports

There’s little doubt that France is one of Europe’s jewels with a stunning history and many amazing places to visit that shouldn’t be missed. This is the topic of the new website that’s overflowing with updated information.

Is there a more romantic city in the world than Paris, France? Many people would say, no. The good news is for those who would like to learn more about Paris or France in general have an amazing new resource to turn to in France Travel Blog. France Travel Blog recently announced its launch and is providing in depth information about what makes France so amazing, both for those who plan to travel there, and for those who just want to escape and live vicariously through the authors’ experiences.

“For me there’s no place like France and I think that enthusiasm and energy needed a place to express itself,” remarked the founder of France Travel Blog. “I figured why not a blog? I started sharing my travel tips and it has been met with such passionate feedback, I couldn’t be happier.”

Recent articles on the blog include “The Most Famous Monuments in Paris”, “How to Plan a Trip to France”, “Wine Guide to Burgundy, France”, and “Visiting France for the First Time”. New blog posts are uploaded very frequently, so checking the website often is a must.

Another feature of France Travel Blog is very informative travel guides focused on different French cities, their ins and outs, what not to miss, and a look at each city’s history. More cities will be added as the blog grows, with readers welcome to suggest any they’d like to see covered that haven’t made the list yet.

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