Get Comfortable… No Matter The Season

Get Comfortable... No Matter The Season

Jason Cummins, owner of All Hours Air
Jason Cummins, All Hours Air, wants people to get the most from their HVAC systems

By Jim Kedge

SPARKS, NV – Homeowners don’t have to melt this summer or freeze over the winter, says Jason Cummins, owner of All Hours Air. Cummins, whose company focuses on heating and air conditioning services and repairs for the Reno and Sparks areas of Nevada, has vast experience in the troubles his customers face.

“We’re all trying to save money,” says Cummins. “Every dollar matters when it comes to providing for our families and planning for our future.” Cummins states that he talks with people every week who struggle to put money into their heating and cooling systems. Many people look at the costs associated with the systems that keep their home climate comfortable, and they roll the dice, hoping that nothing happens, rather than spending the time and money to take proper care of them.

“Our customers actually save money when they get us to do bi-annual maintenance on their furnace and air conditioner,” says Cummins. When a furnace shuts down in the middle of a cold snap, it might not be easy to find service. And if it happens during an evening or over the weekend, the call-out cost can create a dramatic dent in any budget. “When your furnace gets regular maintenance, it works at peak performance,” Cummins points out. “When these devices are running well, they cost our customers less because they don’t use as much energy.” 

Cummins wants people to take action before a furnace dies or an air conditioner sputters out. “We care about comfort because we care about people,” Cummins says. “That’s why we recently gave a furnace away to a veteran in our community. We believe everyone should have access to heat when they need it.”

When the seasons change, Cummins strongly recommends bringing in a professional to examine your HVAC systems, so they are prepared for what’s to come. “Safety is crucial,” states Cummins. “Our people have thorough training in the right way to maintain and repair these complex systems.” He also points out that most warranties require annual service, so they remain valid. “Don’t risk doing this work yourself. There are people in your area that will take care of your comfort while looking out for your safety.”

All Hours Air provides top-quality service, 24/7, for those in Reno and Sparks in Nevada.

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