EZZ NMN of New Zealand Is Favored by the Rich All Over the World

Recently, the reporter has been aware that EZZ Gene Activation Tablets, the gene technology product with a price of 1999, is sought after by the global rich. Once being released in ANZ Pharmacy, it is sold out very soon and becomes extremely popular all over the world.

It is understood that the product is developed and produced by EZZ, a well-known New Zealand genetic technology brand, and is the third-generation NMN product in the world. Through oral administration, it can improve human immunity by building immune system, and enhance the resistance to diseases, thus fighting against illness and slow down aging.

“EZZ has been a star brand of NMN products already. Many rich people and their wives have publicly said that they feel refreshed after taking EZZ gene activation tablets, and their sub-health symptoms, such as deficiency of vital energy, fatigue and insomnia, have all disappeared,” Oliver, a pharmacist of a New Zealand chemist store, tells the reporter. It was learned that EZZ gene activation tablets were snapped up in just two weeks after being put on shelves in New Zealand’s major pharmacies, with an applause rate of 96%.

A family doctor of a wealthy Australian tells the reporter that, the rich he serves has been taking EZZ NMN for three months in a row, with remarkable results. “As doctors providing medical and healthcare services for the rich and famous, we are the group who are most sensitive to all kinds of information about international cutting-edge body care technologies, and it can be said that we are the ones who pay the most attention to healthcare. Among all kinds of immune products, we highly recommend EZZ NMN, because it is both effective and natural. At present, many rich people taking it say that, their sleep and mental state have improved significantly, and all physical indicators have returned to normal.”

Why is EZZ NMN so popular? According to analysis of industry professionals, there are three reasons. First of all, from the perspective of R & D background, EZZ in New Zealand gets the support of the world’s top gene research team. It is reported that the gene activation tablets are developed mainly by the gene research center, the top scientific research incubator jointly established by Auckland University of Technology and New Zealand Gene Research and Development Limited, which specializes in the research and development of new NMN products.

NAD +, and its absorbability is far beyond the traditional NMN products. According to Dr. Fabrice Merien, the Director of gene research center, the NMN product developed by EZZ completely overcomes the difficulty of low absorptivity. In view of human genes, the team has developed the world’s first NMN product with compound formula, boasting an absorptivity of up to 98%, which will help the human body to recover and strengthen immune system quickly. It is the third generation of NMN products in the world.

Last but not least, this NMN product is the only one in the world that has successfully obtained the permission of TGA of the Department of Health, Australia. Only the products that satisfy the most stringent production standards and clinical validation can gets such permission. This also means EZZ NMN is the only one that meets pharmaceutical standard among its kind on the globe.

“Relying on the strong R & D strength of gene research center, EZZ has broken traditional NMN products’ shackles of low absorptivity at one stroke. It is not only extremely popular in Australia and New Zealand, but also a necessary immune enhancer for the rich and famous. As the third generation NMN industry in the world, EZZ probably will become the leading brand in the Western NMN industry,” a consultant of iiMedia says.

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