Glammed Naturally Oil LLC is quickly gaining traction among the masses due to extreme utility and positive effects of its products that are designed to counter hair fall problems

Do not lose hope because these organic products actually work and can help you get your lovely hair back!

Harriman, NY, USA – Glammed Naturally Oil LLC is a black-owned business that is tackling one of the most important problems faced by women across the globe. Many women throughout the world become susceptible to hair problems whether it is hair fall, hair growth issues, or other hair related issues. The company is also educating women through their social media platforms and blogs to take steps in achieving healthier hair.

Glammed Naturally Oil was born out of the rigorous efforts of Jummie Ogunyemi who was suffering from Postpartum alopecia and lost almost all of her hair. She was warned by her doctor to get rid of all the relaxers she uses because they might have a negative impact on the health of her baby. She began her journey of experimenting with 100% natural and organic oils to make her hair healthy. Surprisingly, her recipe worked far better and quicker than the majority of products available in the market. Many women from her friends and family began to notice the changes in her hair and asked for the secret recipe. Finally, in 2016, on request of her sister-in-law, she published her brand and since then she was able to help thousands of women worldwide.

The Glammed Naturally Oil has proved to be very effective in nourishing the scalp. The hyper-nutritional natural ingredients used in all the products promote a healthy scalp. Moreover, regular use of the oils will cause edge breakage rejuvenation. Many customers have found that natural oils revived their edges in no time. The best part of these products is that they work for all hair types.

Problems associated with hair do not only cause health issues but are also one of the most dangerous causes of demotivation and deteriorating self-esteem. Glammed Naturally Oil is on a mission to empower such women to claim their beauties back with their range of innocuous but highly effective hair products. The products are beneficial for women & men of all ages. Both young and old, the Glammed Naturally Oil does not discriminate. They also hydrate your hair with GRADE A natural organic nutrients, so you are able to grow your hair as well as your edges even longer, which means you never have to worry about being insecure about your hair any longer.

The founder of Glammed Naturally Oil is a highly passionate and dedicated woman, who has built this enterprise from scratch with a single aim of helping people everywhere to not lose their self-esteem and have longer, thicker, and healthier hair. In her words: “The secret why these products are so efficient is in the ingredients, they are made from 100% All-Natural Organics Oils that help you regain your edges & grow your hair longer. I originally made these products after I had lost all of my edges because of postpartum hair loss. 5 months after having my daughter I had lost all my edges, so I turned to natural organic oils to find a solution. This was when everything changed for me because I began to master my hair growth formula, other women soon started asking me for some oils. It was off to the market from then on. Now, the 100%  black-owned business I founded has helped thousands of women across the world grow their hair as you can see in our testimonials if you haven’t yet please check them out on our Instagram page (@GlammedNaturallyOil), some reported getting results within the 1st week of use, but everyone’s situation is different others see results within a month or even 3 months, but one thing is for sure, Glammed Naturally Oils are truly making an impact on our customer’s lives.”

The best-selling items provided by the company include hair growth oil, braid oil, 4oz hair growth bundle, hair and braid oil bundles, kids’ hair and body oil, itchy scalp bundle, whipped mango shea, and whipped coco shea.

If you are looking for a natural solution to your hair related problems than Glammed Naturally Oil has got you covered. Order today!

About the Company:

Glammed Naturally Oil is a black-owned and family-owned business. All of our products are handmade with organic and natural ingredients sourced all over the world.

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