City Wide Cleaning Services Says Keep Home Office Equipment Clean During COVID-19 Lockdown

The London commercial and office cleaning company is warning those working from home in self-isolation should keep their office equipment clean during the Coronavirus lockdown.

A London professional commercial and office cleaning company has launched an important campaign to warn people about the dangers of office equipment within the home during the coronavirus crisis. CityWide Cleaning has put together a few tips on how those working from home can stay safe.

As of 24th April 2020, there has been more than 18,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Greater London. Due to the lockdown millions of people are working from home and although they are washing their hands more, they are ignoring the dangers their office equipment could cause them.

“With the increased cases of coronavirus in London we are receiving a lot of enquiries for our professional cleaning services. Although commercial customers are requesting a deep clean to safeguard their employees from the coronavirus, what we are finding is those working from home are not taking the same important safety measures,” explained a spokesman for CityWide Cleaning.

A lot of people are becoming more aware of the importance of cleaning and combating against germs. However, even though people are cleaning their hands more and using social distancing to avoid COVID-19, they are ignoring the germs on their office equipment and working environment.

“A desk in the home can contain more germs than on a toilet seat if it is not cleaned on a regular basis. A table that people are working on from home can contain 400 more germs than a toilet seat. You really wouldn’t want to work on a toilet seat but that is what people are doing when they don’t wipe down their desk,” explained a spokesman for CityWide Cleaning.

Although scientists are still learning about COVID-19 and how long it can live on objects and how it spreads, they are sure that it can live longer on surfaces such as metal, and plastic. That means phones, mobile phones, computers, and keyboards are rife with germs.

CityWide Cleaning has said washing hands more frequently is important to combat catching and spreading the coronavirus. However, people working from home will wash their hands and then touch their dirty phones or laptops and then touch their face, which could result in them catching coronavirus.

“It is important that all office equipment including desktops, laptops, mobile phones and home phones are cleaned on a regular basis.”

Here are the tips from CityWide Cleaning Service:

1. Clean the desk before using it.

2. It is important to clean the desk at least two times during the day.

3. Clean the desk once you have finished using it

4. If you have carpet down in your work area hoover it before and after working there. If it is wood flooring, then mop it before and after working there.

5. Wipe the keyboard, mouse, and all computer equipment before and after using it

6. Clean mobile phones and home office phones at least twice a day

7. It is important to clean all door handles within the home twice a day. If you are going outside, then it is important when you return to clean all the handles you have touched coming into the property.

By following this guidance, it can help stop the spread of coronavirus and keep those being forced to work from home safe.

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